Florida Medical marijuana

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  1. Medical marijuana has enough signatures for ballot
    The medical marijuana petition drive has enough signatures to make the 2014 ballot, and now it's up to the state Supreme Court to give its approval.
    The proposed constitutional amendment surpassed the number of needed voter signatures on Friday. The proposed amendment would allow doctors to prescribe marijuana for debilitating conditions.
    Elections supervisors have certified 710,508 signatures, more than the 683,149 needed to get on the ballot.
    Still, the Supreme Court has yet to rule on Republican Attorney General Pam Bondi's challenge of the ballot summary. Her office has argued that the language will mislead voters into allowing more widespread use of medical marijuana than they would be led to believe in the 74-word summary.

  2. Court ruled, 4-3 in favor of it, get out and vote this year Florida, lets make this happen!

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