Florida Is The Greatest State In The Union!!

Discussion in 'General' started by prez420, May 25, 2010.

  1. Florida is the greatest state in the union anyone that disagrees needs to go suck on a turd. Enjoy this great song/video about Florida while u sit back and puff a bowl. :smoke:

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VhrgGGwv9EQ]YouTube - We Call Florida Home - Lloyd Marcus.mp4[/ame]

  2. Urmmm ok.
  3. Well, if not for the recent passing of the "bong bill" that's probably gonna close down 99% of all headshops in the entire State, on top of having some of the most asinine MJ laws in the country, oh yeah, Florida is the greatest...Woo...Hoo. :rolleyes:

  4. who cares about that ganja is hella easy to get and everything else about florida is awesome juice so why dwell cuz the mj laws will change for the better sooner or later.
  5. overcrowded prisons, shit education system, all kinds of immigration problems and what not.

    but yea floridas clearly the best of the 50 states :rolleyes:
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    maybe if it was opposite day

    or if i was 63 and had lived my entire life on the east coast and didn't know any better
  7. I have lived in 20 different states and florida is the absolute best. I can list all the states if you wish. Cali is not even in the same league as florida nether is new york or texas. I have never been to hawaii but I highly doubt its as awesome as florida because from what i hear every couple weeks u need to build a new house cuz the volcanoes burn it down. Cali was by far the worst state I have lived in everything is over priced the government is oppressive and the beaches are hardly even worth mentioning honestly the only thing I can think of that I liked about cali is the mj laws other than that cali has nothing going for it.
  8. :laughing:

    Ok man, Florida is the best
  9. Disneyworld might be a magical place to work, but there are still days when you want to punch a fucking mouse.:D
  10. Ah, Florida. Gods waiting room.

    Im guessing since you love Florida so much, Im going to say either you are 10 or 100.
  11. for the rest of my life, i will remember florida as the retarded step-brother state that gave us George W. Bush. when i think florida, i will be seeing katherine harris in my mind. you think it's what you want, even imagine me sucking a turd if that's what you want. i'd rather suck an imaginary turd than live in an actual turd.
  12. Personally I love Florida. Its gorgeous and its a huge contrast in lifestyle compared to NJ. The MJ laws, however, are bad bad bad.
  13. lolutrollin?

    'cause maine is the best mothafuckin state, and the only one that ought to be its own country (or at least a province of canada).
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    I wouldn't doubt it's God's waiting room cuz maybe God made florida so awesome because he wanted us to know what heaven is like before we get there. Also for your info I am in my mid 20s. Dont be fooled the night life in miami is 2nd to none plus florida is like the baskin robbins for women it has all the different flavors :rolleyes:. Only people that think florida is for seniors or disney world are people that never lived there.

    lol I never thought I ever hear maine and best state be used in the same sentence. Why would u guys want to be part of canada? Canada sucks :p
  15. florida sucks. I'm getting out as soon as I get my degree.

  16. lol thats exactly what I thought. Just yesterday I was reading a thread where everyone agreed Florida was one of the dumbest states around right now.
  17. i'm sure it has some nice things about it, just like every other state.

    i've had a lot of ppl say PA is the best state because of the changing seasons.

    i'm glad you feel that way, its good to be proud of where your from. but everyones different.

    personally i never been there, so i'm not going to diss it. but if i move to a place that has a hot climate all year round i'd rather be somewhere less humid than FL.

    i'd like to visit someday.

  18. They are lucky I wasn't here yesterday or I would have set them strait.

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