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Florida growing

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by hillelfood, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. I live in Florida and am gona start growing. I have 6 female seeds and don't want to grow them all at the same time. so can anyone suggest which I shouLd grow first? I have AMS, Trainwreck, White widow, White Rhino, Arjans haze 1, and Arjans haze 3
  2. Grow what ever you want they're your seeds
  3. I'm not too big on growing and really haven't but I have seen alot of friends succeed.

    where the fuck do you get seeds like that?
  4. Dude grow them all, I would start them sat the end of march thats when im starting mine.
  5. seedbanks. there are a ton of them, check out the seedbanks section if you wanna know more
  6. yo kyle, if i plant them all now outdoors when do you think ill see them start to bud because i dont wana wait until autumn.
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    I figure your plants will be ready late august, to mid september if you plant now through mid april. They will put on vegetative growth up through June/July and then flower. It mainly depends on how long it takes for the heads to mature but a natural grow won't be ready until after the summer solstice. I'm not going to start my seed until June and July for Nov. and Dec. harvests.

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