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    When Cannabis-Rx bought a Super Walmart-sized boat plant here last month, the real estate investor said it was destined to become one of America's largest pot "cultivation parks."

    Regulators have said next to nothing about how medical marijuana in the Sunshine State would move from seed to sale. That hasn't slowed a rush of investors giddy for Florida's potentially vast legal-weed industry.

    This is a call to all Florida growers, (particularly Central and South FLA) as im sure you are well aware the vote for Amendment 2 is approaching quickly, this may be our first and only chance for medicinal Cannabis legalization, im making this thred to start a dialogue on this upcoming event and get the input of other Florida regional growers concerning this hopefully victorious amendment to our state constitution, do you think it will pass? Will it be a good thing or just ridiculous bureaucratic red tape? All thoughts, comments and suggestions welcome!

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  2. It's a cute post and all, but amendment 2 doesn't cover personal grows or growers for that fact, so I'm a bit lost.

    Fuck your French, and excuse my Ebonics....
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  3. Very strict regulations will come if 2 passes. Growers will have to be established in Florida for 30 years to qualify...it isn't gonna be a free for all of anybody and everybody growing...no personal grows either....
    I early voted today....voted YES on amendment 2.....keeping my fingers crossed......
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    I live literally down the road from that area they purchased. It would be a HUGE addition to Sarasota. We have people from all over the state visiting our new mall, why would they not visit one of the best ops in the state while they're in the area? If this passes, many people who are opposed of the amendment will soon be thanking the people for proving them wrong.
    Edit: Not to mention, we have one of the best state benefits for disabled veterans which I am one. We NEED this to pass and my biggest concern is that many support it but a lot of people I have talked to say they haven't voted yet. Why wait?
  5. Lol. You don't just go tour a medical grow like you do a mall. Fl people are being fucked with this law but hey, if they want it go for it.
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    Well sick people that need MMJ are being fucked by the current marijuana laws, so hey, if they want any change at all, they might as well vote for Amendment 2.
    What would your suggestion be? Everyone vote no and hope that maybe next year there's a better bill? Lol...
    I honestly fail to see your logic..you say Floridians should vote no on this bill while you live in California. Guess what..cops actively arrest people for possession in this part of the world, whether you have a legitimate medical condition or not. Wouldn't this bill at least allow patients access to medical marijuana? Even if it's not a 100% perfect bill, it's better than what Florida has now.
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  7. Amen, brother......
    Any step forward is one step closer to legalization regardless of what the terms and conditions are. For the record, I did not mean go on a "Grow Tour", they are turning it into a grow operation and one of the largest dispensaries in the United States if passed. How do I know this? Because I live in Sarasota, and I met Llorn Kylo founder of CannabisRx. His plans could change but for now that is the from the horses mouth. So yes, it would be a great addition to our city for those with Medical IDs.
    Im a little confused now, you promote voting yes on 2 but then you peddle back and say we are basically fucking ourselves? Please read what you type.
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  10. I know what I typed and everyone knows my position on it. This bill is Terrible but if the fl people want to vote for it go for it.

    Oh and I come from a med state. Patients or not you don't tour grow facilities.
  11. Better then what you have now is not always the best option.

    People will still be going to jail for weed. Sick people will still not be able to afford their quality medicine coming from
    Your monopoly ran system so I don't see much changing.
    Oh the dr can prescribe for what ever they see fit. Lol. No chance. How do you pass a medical bill and not even list who can qualify. Like I said this bill is a joke but if it makes you all feel good. Go for it.
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    I'm not sure you read my comment fully.
    Just to clarify, I wrote.
    If I were to visit the UTC mall which was just opened in Sarasota FL, which is one of the top designer malls in the state, and I was a medical patient. I would love to go see one of the largest dispensaries in the US while I am there which will bring more money to the city as well as the state.
    EDIT: This bill is better than what we currently have, so like I said before. It's better than nothing and one step closer to our goal.
  13. Pay no attention to the troll boy. He's got his and has been trolling this thread trying to rain on Florida's parade for several months now.
    The level of immaturity in his posts speaks for itself..... 
  14. Yep. Don't agree with the sheep and be called a troll. Nothing new on this site.
    I hope it passes so it will be roses and sunshine for all weed smokers in fl. I will enjoy my beautifully grown 100% organic herb and be on my way. Good luck fl.
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  16. I was reading an article that was posted at the Broward - Palm Beach Times webpage posted on Tuesday October 28th, 2014 (Below is the link)
    "We got our poll numbers back today, and we're at 61 percent," - United for Care Campaign Manager Ben Pollara wrote in an email Tuesday. "They threw over $3 million at us, but we're still winning."
    Although these polls are not entirely correct it gives you somewhat of an idea where we are percentage wise. As you may recall a while back it was a lot lower. 
    On Monday, United for Care sent a cease-and-desist letter to television stations running No on 2 ads that the Amendment 2 backers say is misleading viewers. 
    I have been watching a lot of TV the past week because I'm a stay at home dad and I have nothing better to do. Anyways, I have been watching for the VoteNoOn2 commercial and I have not seen a single one in days. Maybe I am just missing them or maybe they finally got blacked out for lying to the public.
    The article for the cease and desist letter can be found in this link. http://blogs.browardpalmbeach.com/pulp/2014/10/united_for_care_sends_cease_and_desist_letter_to_tv_stations_to_pull_ad.php
    The original article on Broward - Palm Beach Times can be found in this link below.
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  17. The vote no on 2 ads are still all over the Orlando stations. 
    Funny that most of the funds raised for no on 2 came from one donor, Sheldon Adelson, a Vegas casino owner.
    I believe that of the over 5.5 million raised he donated 5 mil....
    I think he's trying to buy his casinos into Fl...and everybody knows our Legislators in Tallahassee are for sale to the highest bidder....
    Business as usual.....
  18. I'm in West Palm and have the TV on a lot.  The past couple of months I have seen a lot of NoOn2 adds.  But just today I finally saw a yes on 2 add that said let my child get her medication.  Still crossing my fingers that it passes.  I'm having all of my friends and family vote yes, but we haven't voted on any of the polls.  Hopefully that is the case for most.  
  19. That is most likely the case, how often does anyone answer a Private Caller or Unknown? Hardly ever, and most of these polls are only about 900 people. There are approximately 20million residents in Florida and I guarantee you with Amendment 2 on the ballot we will see a record number of residents voting Nov 4th. 
    Unfortunately if this does not pass we won't see it on the ballot for another 2-4 years. It will be legal eventually if it doesn't pass but only time will tell if it's going to be 2014 or sometime in the future.
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  20. Hundreds of people on grasscity reside in Florida.. It's one day before the vote and I can find 2 whole posts today regarding it... Polls are down well below the passing threshold, and how many people(on a marijuana site no doubt) even know about this? The lack of support among those who it matters to most is pretty disheartening.. Better believe all the old Reps whom the law won't effect will be at the polls to vote no.. I sure hope some of you will be putting down the bong and getting off your asses to vote.

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