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    When Cannabis-Rx bought a Super Walmart-sized boat plant here last month, the real estate investor said it was destined to become one of America's largest pot "cultivation parks."

    Regulators have said next to nothing about how medical marijuana in the Sunshine State would move from seed to sale. That hasn't slowed a rush of investors giddy for Florida's potentially vast legal-weed industry.

    This is a call to all Florida growers, (particularly Central and South FLA) as im sure you are well aware the vote for Amendment 2 is approaching quickly, this may be our first and only chance for medicinal Cannabis legalization, im making this thred to start a dialogue on this upcoming event and get the input of other Florida regional growers concerning this hopefully victorious amendment to our state constitution, do you think it will pass? Will it be a good thing or just ridiculous bureaucratic red tape? All thoughts, comments and suggestions welcome!

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    I voted for those truly in need of medical alternatives, not for the stoner. I wish we would just vote recreational and call it what it is. We could vote for straght recreational but I understand it is not an easy sell in most states. Time to give the Federal and local LEOs something else to focus on and exploit the new free time they will have to serious community threats. As I relayed to one old guy, no matter how you vote people will still get stoned, vote for the few it will truly help.
    The vote NO advocates are coming on strong. The YES group spent their money up front and now have no countering ads on TV. Be  worried that the elderly conservatives will be out in strength this election cycle. What concerns me is people may vote on the last thing they see and stoners have a lazy reputation.
    Now, as close as the GOv's race is I am still expecting and guessing 67% for YES and hope FL bucks the mid-term trend of low voter turn out.
    I am looking to open a dispensary and provide security as well as move MMJ. My tean includes an attorney, a Pain Management Doc, and investor all waiting until the details are sorted out. Came so close to going to the "MMJ seminars" but heard very few are worth your while and 500 dollars a pop. Tim Morgan will be at one on the 16th if I recall. that would be one i wish i could make, damned surgery recovering is going slow. http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/event;jsessionid=4FD26ECCBCE9BA4D9A2CF71601EAE750.worker_registrant?llr=ge4bchmab&oeidk=a07e9vzlp29fbe92e6d

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