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  1. My house is off the beaten path in a small town next to the woods... Off the master bathrooms is a little covered balcony. Approximately 20’x6’. The roof of the house extends over the balcony to cover it and because the house is on a hill, from the backyard the balcony is actually almost a second story above ground. It’s pointed towards the woods and there are no roads or nearby neighbors that can see the balcony.

    My plan is to screen it in and then have planters hanging off the sides of the railing. Essentially screening in the planters with the rest of the balcony. I also want to put lattice on the outside blocking the plants from being identified even if someone was in my yard. They can’t see it or reach it and the only way to access the balcony is from inside the house.

    I want some decent variety, my plan is to be able to grow my own stuff just for myself and for giving away to some close friends. I want to be able to make my own dabs, have a rosin press and make my own cannagars.

    I figured I have enough room for maybe a dozen plants or so. I figured I’d grow 4 strains or so. What strains are good for beginners and will do well with florida’s weather? I’m not looking to go crazy with fertilizers and soil samples and all that just yet, I want to keep it simple as this will be my first grow ever.

    Lastly I’ve heard that when the plant blossoms they are really smelly, is this something I should be concerned with neighbors smelling it? Even if they did can police investigate based off of smell complaints from neighbors? I doubt my neighbors would care anyways. Is there any tricks to minimizing smell?

  2. Oh shit! I know you! I live down the road!
    Hey how’s it going?
  3. I wish lol... I need more stoner friends.
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  4. Seriously though
    Growing outside here is tough
    I grow in different indoor areas, spread out. I’m lost in the swamp and I’m happy no one, I mean NO ONE ever comes over to these areas.
    They smell in veg and in flower. I don’t have stupid weed (stinky marijuana) too often but buddy you can smell it up by the highway lol
    It takes A LOT of cannabis to press. You should get some bubble bags and make some bubble hash from trim if you want concentrates.
    I use many watts of hps lighting. The heat and a/c expenses are crazy. Run your lights at night if you can. This’ll help some.
    Use strains that are mold and pest resistant. We’ve got issues with that here.
    Good luck
  5. What strains do you recommend? As far as smell goes, I was wondering if having a small turbine fan suck the air above the plants and vent them out to a filter under my porch would help. I just don’t want any attention. I’m not sure you can call the cops and say “it smells like weed outside” and if they can even do anything.
  6. That’s reasonable cause here in floriduh

    I like Conspiracy Kush, never had any problems at all. GG4 is a good hybrid. I don’t really grow sativa, I only really like Jack Herer and I’ll get around to her soon.
  7. I want to grow mother of berries, white widow, something really purple and then something like candy kush.

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