Florida climate.. What strain????

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by SomeTweed23, May 17, 2010.

  1. hello. i was wondering if anybody had any suggestions on what strains would be good with the Florida climate... thank you
  2. all of em! get to work
  3. hmmmmm i don't think i have the budget for that lol what about something beginer friendly:rolleyes:
  4. Not True Bud Rot is killer here in central florida 5 or 6 years ago yea that was true but not now
  5. T
    Try Autoflowers and start them around April and then u can plant more around middle towards end of August and get 2 crops I'm 38 dad started teaching me when I was 16 and growed outdoors every summer except 2012-2014 I lived in Georgia and grew indoor but moved back and been outdoor since but every since that the Bud Rot I started getting and every year since it seems to be getting worse no matter indica hybrid sativa haze and it will start way before plants ready to harvest and spread like crazy u have a plant that should have 8 to 10 oz that use to be our average plant but not have 3 oz on it cause we picked it were it wasnt total lose but was immature so this coming up season 2021 me and my dad going to do the autoflower this year it will be our first year growing autos but we tired of having to cut our plants before their ready and I live 60 miles from Pensacola good luck

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