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Florida Bud Sucks...

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by ChrisTheHippie, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. least so far.

    I moved to Casselberry last month and my connects have been nothing but seedy swag and overpriced "dank" bud known as "Arizona." Which is nice but not for how much I payed.

    What's the deal? :smoke:
  2. #2 Billy_Bob, Sep 13, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 13, 2009
    you just have to look harder bro, i jus got a 1/4 of crip,

    btw how much was price??
  3. Chris i live in Winter Park, literally a minute drive, and i have great pickups... you go to school down here or just living here?
  4. hey check your PM. you live like 15 mins from me check my pickup thread to see what I been getting.

  5. no way Winter Park??? haha I am right outside there.
  6. haha really man, im right on 436

  7. You are kidding me so do I. Semoran FTW!
  8. I smell swine...

  9. lol I smell paranoia.
  10. dude i live in apopka. Theres a lot of really good mango kush going around and lots of shrooms lol

  11. Lol me too. I use to live in Lake Mary right near you guys :) And you should have no problem finding good bud, afterall the Orlando area is the home of "Crippy weed" (and the Supervillains!!!). I live 2.5 hours south of you know in Palm Beach and there's plenty of good bud. Get a better hookup.

  12. Shrooms are all over the place here. lol Try to trip once a month. good stuff. :hello:
  13. 850 pensacola area sucks.
    everythings overpriced and the "dank" sucks real bad. mildly colored high mids at best.

  14. haha my brother lives there goes to UWF. I hear ya man. talks all the time how dry it is and how expensive it is.
  15. the bud dont suck down here in south fl..
  16. the best buds are here in the SOUTH!!! MIAMI!!!
  17. Used to live in Winter Park around Full Sail. Great bud all around the area.
  18. who the hell is this hippie chris..located in one of the few marijuana meccas in america HAVING ISSUES FINDING WEED?

    try fuckin baltimore where an ounce of anything better than mexico brick goes for 500-600 dollars..thats not paranoia you smell...i think it may in fact be bacon :(
  19. Make friends and the fire will follow man, there is no populated area in Florida that doesn't have someone with some dank weed
  20. keep your head up buddy dont buy it if they say its zona thats just what we call good looking swag just find a good connect and youll be amazed at the bud youll see

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