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Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by FL420, Sep 18, 2009.



  2. Damn that looks nice. Very fat. Probably burnt for everr. Nice rool +rep
  3. damn fla that's a fatty. i'll contribute with some recent blunts.

    broward county 954 what the fuck is up




  4. kershaw junkyard dog man. great knife choice right there.

    tim galyean is a genious.

    that blunt is fat as fuck too, though with 8g's i would have made it a bit longer.
  5. Grape Game? If so, +rep.
  6. There's some crazy blunts goin' on here.
  7. very nice, loving the all caps OP too
  8. i think that one actually might have been a grape game, good catch! usually roll dutches but games are dope when i can find em.
  9. Games are the shit. Never in short supply.
  10. Looks like a dutch to me. Only because the next picture is, and those were probably all taken at the same time. Anyways, nice blunt, OP. Next time, you should make it a little longer and tighter, that way you get a proper burn time for that amount of weed.
    +rep for a chode blunt.
  11. they mostly have dutches, swishers, phillies, and various wraps down here. games hard to find.
  12. The next time you see a green dutch, let me know. Please, I beg of you.

    All wraps are good, dutches are the best for rolling out of those, and phillies if you're gonna smoke em straight up :p
  13. u split the leaf... take the extra few seconds and roll a nice cigar.

    and honey sports have a green leaf.

  14. yeah mane dutches are like my everday wrap. can't get enough of em.
  15. Not dutches :rolleyes:
  16. mehhh i used to strictly deleaf mine, then i realized they just make em' look nicer. like you could roll up some shitty misshapen thing and then with the leaf on it's perfect. i feel like with em cracked, you can't fake that. if you roll a shitty blunt, people are gonna know.

    and, once i got curious and decided to test the myth of "deleafed burns sower" so i rolled two blunts, one deleafed one just split. i didn't find them to burn any slower or faster one way or another. in fact they were within a minute of each other.
  17. Haha calm down, you ancy fuck. Always tryna push your squabble and cause problems.

    I only pointed it out because the picture at the bottom was a dutch, I didn't realize he took pictures of 1 blunt, then another, then more of the first one. I usually do things in chronological order, my bad.

  18. i like to deleaf mine because i can control exactly how tight it is when i rewrap the leaf. it lets me do a bit of fien tunign, and god forbid i get a stale game and it cracks, i can fix it.
  19. yeahyeah, though i'm not sure what fien tunign is. but how you wish to roll is all a matter of personal preference, i just was trying to make the point that deleafed doesn't automatically mean a nicer blunt that burns significantly slower (not that just cracking it does, either).
  20. OP looks like some birdshit weed... palm beach county smokin fire blunts every day so go ahead and feel lucky with ur 8 g shit blunt up on the other side

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