Florida Biochemist creates a citrus tree with THC

Discussion in 'General' started by amsterdamage, Aug 4, 2008.

  1. Although the story sounds like bs, I've dreamed about doing something like this for years!!



  2. i saw something about this before, its pretty cool stuff. i wish i could get my hands on one of those orange plants!

    My only question is why stop there? lets get thc apples, bananas, tomatoes etc.
  3. I want to write to the professor and tell him to put it in kudzu

    ..haha let's see the DEA try to eradicate every kudzu plant in the country!! lol
  4. awesome!...but...can you get high off it?
  5. Sounds super fake to me.
  6. I'll grow oranges all thought my yard, cops would never know.
  7. i was just talking to one of my friends who is a biochem and someothercrazysmartshit major, he said its completly possible and he also said he heard something about this in a class lecture.

    im pretty sure you get high, citric acid is a carrier for thc but i think you would have to heat it before you drank the juice to activate it.
    ok, so i barely know what im talking about but it kinda makes sense.
  8. This sucks, have you ever tried to light an orange?:D

    I'm betting Anita Bryant would be pissed...

    But Bing Crosby is laughing like hell!

    "Florida Orange Juice...A great pick-me-up!"
  9. I want one of those trees!!!
  10. siiiiiiick. i wonder if the orange tree i have in my backyard is of this species lol

  11. Go light it on fire and see.
  12. Sounds like something they did on The Simpsons, when Bart crossed and tomato and a tobacco plant and made the tomacco, in theory i think it is entirely possible to do.
  13. Sounds cool. Has anyone tried eating one of the THC-laden oranges?
  14. It would definitely be possible, just have to splice out the gene that's responsible for THC production and place it into the orange genes.

    + rep for tomacco
  15. all that proves is that it may or may not be true, it admits that it may be true, even the idea of something like this is awesome, in my eyes.

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