Florida Amendment 2: Medical Use Showdown in the South

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  1. http://marijuana.com/news/2014/10/florida-amendment-2-medical-use-showdown-in-the-south/
    I sincerely hope it passes. The more states have mmj policies in place the better. Even with inconsistent poll results, general outlook is that it will pass, albeit with a smaller margin than expected. 
    Best of luck, Florida! Not too long to go. Go out and vote "YES" on 2!

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    Its turning into a shitstorm here. United for care is dropping the ball when it comes to putting up commercials while the opposition is shotgunning anti 2 everywhere.

    On top of that united is spearheading this campaign yet does not have an infrastructure to support cities ie. Making resources available such as pamphlets. I don't expect them to pay for it but all they have to do is provide a PDF with the brochure and some kind of instructions for getting em printed, how to locate district voting centers, handing them out, etc.

    Seriously if it doesn't pass I am thinking of starting my own group to get it legal here in Florida.

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  3. The "No on 2" commercials are taking a lot of heat for giving out false information to the public. Word has it, they're going to be getting blacked out if not already. Also, rumor has it, there will be a commercial supporting "Vote Yes on 2", who knows though. The price to have a commercial aired is very expensive and some channels refuse to be involved. 
    I would really like to see more seminars in my area (Sarasota, FL). Personally, I don't see it not passing as it has a huge amount of support in FL. They claim the polls are dwindling but that is a scare tactic to make those in favor feel hopeless and not want to vote. I think we will have a record turnout with a passing vote. 
  4. i've heard a lot of talk about "old people" voting against the amendement...
    imo, there are a lot of people in FL who are 60+, retired and would absolutely love the ability to use mmj legally. 
    let's consider that these 60 year olds are much more progressive than we tend to give them credit for.
    these people were in their thirties during the late 70's and 80's -- the unmentionable explosion and the real start to war on drugs. most of them are smarter than to be brainwashed by "reefer madness". 
    i think the majority will vote in favor. hope i'm right.  

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