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Florida ‘Bong Ban’ Set To Be Effective July 1

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by El Chapo, Jun 18, 2013.

    People, the bong ban isn't anything new. Now they just make you sign a paper that says it's for tobacco. Same with fireworks, It's for agricultural use. 

    To be honest, this does make me pretty mad. I believe Florida is going in the wrong direction with these anti marijuana laws. I seriously think it should be legalized for at least medicinal use, I mean, we all know that if your government hasn't lied to you today, it just hasn't drank it's coffee yet. If so many people can agree that its medicinal qualities are that great, fucking research it. It's not even dangerous. You literally cannot overdose on marijuana, that's already known. If it can work as a pain killer, or stress reliever then give it to the people. A million times better of an option that morphine or Oxycontin, that's for sure.

     If you're caught with a pipe twice it's a 3rd degree felony.

  2. This is one of the greatest things I have ever read!!
  3. i'm so ready to move out of this goddamned state... college hurry up and be over...
    Seriously? That is insane.
  5. if i were you id buy all the bongs you can man this law cant effect your "grandfathered" in bongs which mean its retroactive which mean anything boughten before the law set  is legal own. just like 15 rnd mags for guns in cali 15 years ago are allowed because they were already owned  now its only legal for 10 rnd mags,there not gonna make you get rid of your stuff  retro activity laws can be your friend!

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