Florescent Lights?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Bambam, May 29, 2004.


Will my grow room work

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  3. it'll never work.......it'll never work

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  1. I have an idea for a cheap grow room, obviousley i know i wont get the benefits of what a more expensive grow room would give me but i tihnk this may work, i was thinking of getting a wardrobe, a desktop fan, an extractor fan and some florescent lights hanging from the top onto my plants, at the moment i have about 13 plants which are seedling and i know with florescent lights it will probably only grow 2 so do you people think it will work or isnt there ant point????
  2. for vegging it's ok to use them, for the flowering just just gotta have HPS, increases your yield MASSIVELY. It should work though, if you use enough fluro's.. good luck on 'em!

    Just hit the search button, enough info to be found here....
  3. Hi arseface!
    Since u have experience with flouro's, would u be able to give me a rough estimate of what i could yield with my set up?
    the box is 1' 4" wide,1' 4" deep, and 3' 4" high
    Im using 4 26w cool white flouro's on top, and 4 18w warm white Cfl's around the sides (176w altogether).im only gonna flower 1 white rhino in it.Got good soil, nutes and ventilation.
    A rough guess will do, just wanna know wot im aiming for :D
  4. CWL, look at blazin's grow journal.... His nirvana white rhino grew to about 5 feet. They'll probally outgrow your box.... Sucks for me too, I already bought some and right now have limited height...
  5. Shorty, ive looked around blazin420's journal and i didnt see any 5ft white rhino plants, i dunno if im looking at the wrong journal or wot?
    It could easily be trained anyway, no big problem there!
    Well cross that bridge when we come to it lol
  6. Arse and CWL... Check this out, blazin's first grow is like a bible to me (well maybe not, but it is a good read), this is from page 17, 5 post from the bottom.

    "I think I'm done with this thread. Fuck this bullshit. My plants have problems that I can't seem to fix and nobody can help with. Time for the chop.

    I'll never buy Nirvana seeds again. First the AK-48's were horrible. Terrible genetics. They hardly grew. And I know its not my fault because theres plenty other plants that have thrived in the environment I have created.

    Now the White Rhinos. 2 of the fucking plants are 5 feet tall. I was told they are short plants. And 1 of the tall ones is dieing for some strange reason. It isn't growing at all anymore and the leaves are starting to curl up, brown, and die off.

    The Mazars are doing well I think. Nice big buds. So I won't chop them. But fuck these White Rhinos. Now I know why they sell this shit for $15 a pack."

    I just got some white rhino seeds, and now that I've bought them I've been hearing more and more about this "sativa based" shit..... Don't get me wrong, I like to smoke a sativa every once and awhile, but; I swear that I thought white rhino stayed about the height of northern lights.
  7. Arse-I would definately recomend giving a sativa a go. Critter has been telling me a lot about this "juicy fruit" (sometimes called "fruity juice") stain and he's really got me interested.

    He basically took 2 plants, put them under 1,000 watts, and babied them untill they yeilded 60 oz.... Now that's a yeild you could get used to right?

    If you're wanting to grow tall plants, you should consider giving a juicy fruit a place in your grow..... I'll been thinking a lot about devoting a whole 600 watt grow to (1) 6' plant myself.

    I mean everybody's growing sog, or scrog, or lst, etc.... you don't see to many "tree" grows popping up. It could definately be something different. Plus if you're selling bud, you're probally "competing" with other indica growers. If you sold sativa domininat smoke people might take a liking to it, who knows you could be "the dude with that good shit".....

    Just something to think about.

    CWL-I haven't started training mine yet, because I haven't started growing them. I don't have the height in my grow space for them, and I might just grow them outside.

    Some lst or something would probally be cool for them, but in all seriousness, I personally would try to flower some really short, just to get an idea of how big they were going to get.

    I'm thinking about flowering mine at about 4"-5" and if they get to be 3'-4' then that will be cool and I'll know not to flowering them at 1' or 18"..... but I probally won't do that now because really 3' is about my max and it'd probally be a bitch to transplant them outside once they were already in flowering. It'd probally re-veg them and generally fuck everything up.

    Just my 2cents guys. :D
  8. Damn! cant really answer that one lol
    from other grow reports ive seen , they actually suggested vegging em for longer cos they dont grow a lot in flowering.....Im definitely confused now!
    I have more seeds as well (courtesy of barnaby_wylde ;) ) i think they are nl vs big bud....
    Im definitely lost at this point....

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