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    Alright I plan on using florescent lighting and cfl's. the set up is a closet with two levels 5-6 plants on each level.

    I need advice on what would be the best cfl's and florescent lights to grow for each state. ( ive seen florescent lights made for growing plants are those any better?)

    What temperature for each stage in growing and how many lumens i should be shooting for, for the setup.

    Also I have a concern with which soil to use. Aswell as seeing soils that say they can feed a plant for up to 6 months? would I need to apply fertilizer in this as well? if so how often?

    Also what paint would be best to cover the closet with? just basic white or a white latex base?

    and if some one can help with me finding a good light cycle from start to finish using these types of lights.

    any advice would help as you can see my largest concern is watering, soil, and light setup.
    Thank you. ill be adding more as I go.

    add+ also another random question. what are the benefits in quality between a female and a male plant. I should be using male plants to harvest mainly ?

    add+ Suggested soil brands and fertilizers. When to fertilize ?
  2. ill answer a few.. dont use soil with time release nutes. dont use lights made for plants those are rip-offs. use 6500k daylight CFLs atleast 26w each. 100w of CFL per plant or atleast 5000 lumens per plant.get them started and worry about nutes later.

    dont make my mistake. use perlite, it's cheap and worth getting. basically it looks like you need to read the grow guide sticky HERE. good luck

  3. alright so ill go with two sets of bulbs a set of reds for flowering and aset of blues for vegitative..

    100w cfl/5000 lumens ea. alright ill compare that to my other guide..

    Also any one know any good soil brands that i can use straight or just add perlite ect.?

    So pretty much soil brands / soil mixes would be great to start off.

    I think I got the lights situation squared away.
  4. I agree, no soil with time release ferts. Basically anything else will work as long as you have nutes to add. If you have a local hydro store, I would suggest Fox Farms Ocean Forest.

    You don't want males unless you're breeding. They produce little to no THC, just pollen that knocks up your females (which leads to them producing seeds instead of THC. Not cool)
  5. canna professional plus is about the best soil mix i have found about £12 for 50litre bag.

  6. so males are useless when going for a good harvest?

    would there be a way to make getting more females cheaper? (cloning or fertilizing one fem to get seeds?)

    and at this point id like to confirm male plants arent very good for use?
  7. Yes you could keep one plant in veg while putting all her clones into flower. This is called keeping a mother. You could also pollinate one of your plants just to get seeds if you want, but the bud won't be as good as seedless. It would probably save you money in the long term though lol.

    Here's an example of male "bud":


    Here's an example of female bud:


    Smoking pollen sacks, or "male bud" will just give you a headache.
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    so get some fem seeds.. throw out males.. hmph.

    I dont know much about cloning.. would it be smart to clone a plant that has produced seeds? or would it make a difference at all.. because at this rate keeping a plant for seeds / clones sounds handy...

    also if any one knows off hand the average amount of seeds produced. for a average plant. ive looked it up before but couldnt find much.

    also.. what would be best to get. pack of norm seeds or fem. ?
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    Well, it's really hard to clone during flowering, so chances are you wouldn't be cloning a plant that has already been pollinated. I would either pollinate a plant to make seeds, then grow those seeds without letting them get pollinated or grow 1-2 plants and keep them as mothers.

    I have no clue what the average is. I would say quite a few depending on how much of the plant came into contact with pollen.

  10. any suggestions on cloning ? and any views on cloning vs seeding.

    better to just make a plant for clones or try to make some decent seeds from the better growing plants ?

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