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  1. Hi all,

    I bought the floranova grow and bloom a while ago and was going to experiement with different styles of using it. IE I'm using clones and one will use grow through veg, then bloom for flowering, one will be bloom the whole time, and i'll use different amounts and feeding schedules to try and get it all dialed in 100%. What I'm wondering is if I should also pick up any other supplements like CalMag? When I was starting out I noticed an MG deficency and used epsom salts to sort it out, that was pre floranova though. So ya, anyone using floranova who has noticed that they need to add some other stuff for top notch health?

    Thanks for you input, all advise appreciated

  2. I only use floranova and it works great. You can experiment all you want. Might get some interesting data to pen down.

    I don't add anything else aside from the nutrient solution. However, you can add bigger bud nutrients without a problem in the later flowering period.
  3. Good stuff, thanks Calsifer.

    Say do you use both grow and bloom and like 8ml per gal every third watering? That's what I'm starting out at, maybe if I can learn from your experience I can cut down on some of my experimenting and can pass on some more info to others later.

    Thanks for the reply
  4. I feed them every three days. My new ones are small so i keep it small. A little goes a long way. Are you mixing them?
  5. If you mean mixing the grow and bloom together, no not doing that. I'm just starting out with this grow as well. Basically I have one mom that has 4 clones and another that I am just starting that has one mom two clones (will take two more at least). I started the first one flowering already cause I'm dry and want to see how it turns out. So the way I have done it is the first mom had nothing to start with (hence the need for Epsom salts) and has just started taking in 8ml/gal of bloom, and seems to be doing much better. The first two clones from her, one of them are on grow and the other I will try with just bloom the whole time. The other two are too little for any nutes just yet. So it will be an on going experiment to try and dial in the strain to get it's peak. Pretty fun actually, kind of like golfing and experimenting to find the sweet spot. Never done a clone garden before, surprised at how much success I am having, 100% so far using rockwool cubes and transplanting into soil. Although some are doing better than others and I'll probably reclone those ones.
  6. havn't read any above posted replys but i just want to say flora nova is AMAZING. i had yellow dying plants and added flora nova and they had dark green leaf sets within two days of application just from a 1/2 dose of grow .

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