Flora blend trio and auoto flowers

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  1. Does anyone know if the flora blend trio works well with autoflowers, and how i should use it? obviously tone it back about 75%, and dont nute till roughly the 3rd week.should I use all three products as well as calmags?

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  2. Don't use the grow at all. Use micro and bloom. Feed twice as much bloom as you do micro /done. If you feed 2ml's of micro mix with 4ml's of bloom. It creates a 5-10-10 NPK ratio. It actually works great for veg and bloom. Grow is so low in phosphorus it throws off the NPK balance and control and just has duplicate ingredients.

    This is also known as the Lucas Formula. I just buy micro and bloom by the gallon and it's pretty cheap. A gallon of each lasts way over a year in a personal grow and they're $30 each locally.

    You can also now have control of your NPK ratio. If you feel like the plants need more nitro you can tweak the ratio and feed slightly more micro. In equal parts micro and bloom mixed is 5-5-5.

    I have almost all of GH's products and when I get closer to flip I'll sub in liquid koolbloom instead of standard flora bloom. Liquid koolbloom is 0-10-10 so in equal parts with micro it makes the same NPK as when you use twice as much flora bloom as micro. Liquid koolbloom is almost exactly twice as strong as flora bloom.
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  3. I always feed about 50% recommended strength daily. The recommended nutrient schedule from GH is bullshit. They just want to sell more nutrients and have half of it running out of the bottom of the pot unused.
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  4. This is interesting @Tbone Shuffle ad I'm running autos in RDWC with the trio, and I've been running the trio.

    First grow so I've had some other challenges as well. I'm in about week 5 but the girl are a bit behind, maybe growth of 3 or 4 week old plants.

    I'm due for a res change on Sunday, have Trio+CalMag.

    What do you reckon I do to pick things up, two of them are showing signs of preflower.

    480w QB
    Tent dialled in 20-24°c, 45rh%, water 18-23°c, ph 5.8-6.1.

    Thanks and sorry to hijack!

    PS. Ignore the 'dirt girl', I think she's a lost cause.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  5. They look heat/light stressed. You might have the light levels too high for their smaller plant structure. They're easy to cook when small. For a plant that size I would still be in low end veg scale of about 20,000 lux, possibly less. They look deficient but at that ppm and ph you should be fine. You running plenty of air bubbles? How do the roots look? Are you running an oscillating circ fan like a tower fan for moving the leaves?
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  6. Thanks for the reply dude!

    You're right I hadn't raised the QB since the girls have doubled in size. Just took it up to about 24", just over 20k lux. It was sitting at about 30k...

    PPM had been high but I've brought it down now...

    Got 2 x stones in the res and another stone in each bucket! Yep got a big ass fan. Roots are mostly white but definitely no massive root balls! Slow start, my bad.

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