flooking ripe? 60 days from flip

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by Shreder, Jul 8, 2017.

  1. trichs looks 5-10% amber on that bud so i chopped it for a quick dry (48 hours or so) and then ill smoke it :)
    ive had some bananas poppin so moved it to another closet..
    its 6g wet
    anyway wanted to ask if by appearence uwd call it ready..

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  2. looka a an ok bud .. looks ready from your picture ,and 10% amber trichomes sounds to me about right as you dont want to many amber ,,,,mac,
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  3. guys im stoned af haha
    it was dried by 66% quickly(24hrs) i guess becuz of the dry air from ac in my room and a turbo fan blowing it.. so i rolled a 0.2g spliff with 0.4 tobacco smoked half and im baked af even had to close my eyes the first minutes.. cant wait for the final cured bud so i can understand the aroma and taste brtter.. it was kinda spicy lemony.. love that. a lil dry mouth but ok.. heavy head high i can litterly feel my eyes and the forhead is buzzing.. mellow on the body.. the plant is very odd with lots of tiny sativa leaves not as long 'fingers' but as thin.. plants structure was very bushy and indica-like.. so yea im happy ;)

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