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Flood Table Leaking - How to drain without mess?

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by passthebilly, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. I have a 6ft tent with 2 x 6ft long tables. I made a flood tray out of pond liner, drilled some holes in the tables and pond liner, screwd in some plastic valves with drainage hoses. I tried to rub silicone everywhere but still leaks around the plastic valve and out of the side of the table like crap! Any ideas?
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    a picture might give me a better idea of what you are up against,once I see what you are talking about I might be able to come up with a soultion for you...I also need to know what the pond liner is made out of IE: vinal,rubber?
  3. Yeah I'll get some pics up when the lights come on on, thanks. I think it's vinyl.
  4. okay I may have something for you,do you have extra ond liner? if so cut a round peice about 3 inch in dia and make a hole in the center of it a little smaller than the die of the fitting so you can thread the fitting throught it,first install the fitting from under the table and through the liner,get some rubber cement apply the rubber to bolth the liner and the patch,use a generious amount around the threads of the fitting but dont over do it let the rubber cement partly dry before adding the patch,the patch goes on the inside so that part of the liner has to be dry,if you have to drain the the whole table to dry it work kinda fast so not to dry out the roots,after the rubber cement has had a chance to dry push the hole in the patch down over the threads of the fitting ,work fast because once the cement on the patch and the liner come in contact it will stick pretty quick,from the center of the patch work outwards push as much air out from between the batch and the liner,at this point if the rubber cement is not fully dry you can hurry it along with a hair dryer,I am thinking that should work pretty good...
  5. +1 will get some rubber cement soon :hello:
  6. yeah it's fixed now :D

  7. Great,I am happy everything worked out...

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