Flood/Drain Table questions!

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  1. is that what theyre calleD? haha

    anyways most of my plants are in fabric pots now so figured that owuld be great, but what about if i filled the tub with expanded clay pellets and then placed the plants in net pots and placed them in the tub? how are you guys using the flood drain table?

    What happens if the water drains from the table backwards through pump? does it blow up the pump?
  2. How deep of water do the pots need to be for the plant to water self? They don't need to be fully emerged but is a few inches enough for it to wick? Into rest of plant?

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  3. I use a flood table for early veg stage. I place new clones into 6" plastic screened pots filled with hydroton pebbles and sit them on the table which is also covered with hydroton. I get the pots to sit right on the table and let the hydroton pebbles level at about three inches up the pots. I do this because plastic net pots obviously don't wick. I used to use 4" rockwool cubes placed pretty well on top of the pebbles or pushed an inch or so into them and they wicked perfectly this way so I assume yours will also.
    Draining through the pump is normal and will not hurt it.
    I flood till the fluid level reaches the first horizontal step on the sides of the table using a timer on the pump and then let it drain back to the res.

    What medium is in your pots?
  4. Thank you so much! Unfortunately I planted the plants before thinking I would install a table so they're in fabric pots but filled with pro mix basically.... Not sure how good that is at wicking, next run will be more tuned for flood drain, what type of medium would you suggest for inside the smart pots?

    nonfiction's multi-strain grow
  5. it will probably work fine. I grew organic for a bit in smart pots and watered them by flooding the trays they sat in rather than from the top. They wick just fine. Give it a try, you can always top feed if it doesn't work the way u want.
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