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  1. I emptied the res last night and refilled it, I was thinking of not flooding my table tonight and letting the plants suck all the remainder nutes from previous resin the medium, as I'm worried that once I flood the water or excess nutes and minerals in medium will then polute the clean water that I just changed... Or will the "pollution" be so little that I shouldn't worry? Other thought is that the promix in fabric pots need 24 hours between flooding so just not flood today? It's brand new and I'm still learning and experimenting, totally open minded for suggestions... Plants we're in medium before the thought of buying a table, so also looking for suggestions on a better medium if promix is shit, I like the fact that it's max one a day pumping I don't have another expensive timer to get, course I will if that's what'll make a difference....

    My journal has detailed information but I'll happily quickly respond to any question you may have here, currently the plants are adjusting very well to transition to flood table, and I'm loving the ease of work

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  2. Bro ... Ebb & Flow tables are (almost) always used with grow rocks (hydroton/corn), silica, etc., sometimes even rockwool. So unless there's a new product I haven't seen before, ProMix is dirt? A good one, but it is still dirt.

    I'm not sure how you would be using that in a flood (ebb and flow?) table??? I guess you could, but "bottom feeding" a dirt grow won't do the same to pull fresh air into the roots as a top feed will. Please elaborate.
  3. I was also confused about this.

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