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Discussion in 'General' started by DevouringLady, May 15, 2010.

  1. I know this is gonna sound crazy but I have this memory of me being able to float down the stairs.... like when I was a child it used to happen a lot at my grandmothers house....I just remember like being at the top of the stairs..concentrating..and then I would just float and really be at the bottom of the stairs....I'm so serious about this...it happened many times in my grandmother's old house...So i just googled 'floating down stairs as a child" and there are like madddd people who have this same memory...that is so creepy right? I mean like how can we all have the same hallucination if its fake? and if its a dream...hundreds of people have the same recurring dream?

    did I really float down the stairs? and if I didnt why to this day do I feel like I did...I just remember feeling like floating was my little secret and I never told anyone that I could do it..and I guess after awhile it just stopped...i would feel really tired and out of it when I got to the bottom of the stairs..like no energy left

    any of you ever experience this as a child?
  2. I experienced something similar. When I was young I would get fevers. I would get delusional and think I was doing backflips down the steps. lol...

    Not really the same thing, but I figured I would share.
  3. lol...thats interesting...maybe it was something like that..but I dont remember being sick or feeling bad when it happened
  4. I got the same kind of memory of levitating in my kitchen.

    Of course, i also had quite a few realistic dreams of being able to float/levitate in my house or around my neighborhood, dreams and memories can kind of blur, but I've had this stored as "actual memory" since I was a little kid.
  5. Maybe it was a lucid dream. Just one possibility I suppose.

  6. so all or most kids have the desire to float down the stairs? so much that they dream about it then mistake a dream for a memory?...i dunno..it really does feel like it really happened
  7. I agree, if I didn't have logic I would 100% believe that I did it. I know that some things that people think are impossible are more than possible, but the fact that I did nothing to hone this skill makes me think it was just a very realistic dream. Every kid wants to fly, if you actually did something similar to flying, wouldn't you practice it?
  8. ive had dreams where i like jump down the stairs but graivty is like your in space so its easy to control. basically lucid dreaming ive been smoking weed for so long my dreams are abosultely fucked its fucking awesome
  9. that is so crazy...thats exactly what it was like...like a big jump and its like you're in the air for a really long time...so kids have lucid dreams?
  10. I do this but with time its like everything is a recorded rythem.
  11. This is weird, I also have that memory. I remember being so convinced that I could do and that I had done it - but every time I would get to the top of my stares in reality I would realize it wasn't going to happen.

    I chalked it up to a really realistic dream, never heard of anyone else having it until now -- kinda freaky.
  12. Anyone who dreams has the potential to go lucid, but some are more akin to it than others.
    It's like exercising a muscle, you stop and it atrophies, but continue and the things you found difficult will begin to feel easy.
  13. My floating dreams as a kid started as a simple walk. Then I would just start walking higher and higher. They were pleasant dreams.:smoking:
  14. maybe its a memory of being carried by someone else?
  15. i dont have the memory but found this pretty intriguing

  16. No...right? it cant be...i cant say that for sure though.

    pretty strange...i wish I could zone out and just float away like that now....or maybe you can..hmmn
  17. Yes I did almost every night as a child n teen it was not a dream I couldn't fly but like levitation a few inches all the way down my stairs I slept upstairs n my mom n sister was down stairs then at the bottom I'd like fall not down but my feet hit the floor n I was always trying to gently levitate or float other times n never could then I dream I could float higher but somehow I feel like I know absolutely it happened

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