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floatin on cloud 9

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Stylez, Mar 2, 2003.

  1. i thought i wasnt doin shit tonight but i might be goin out its 1;40 am IM LOVIN IT im gonna keep u updated! holdin it down im so happy
    im bout

    ta get

    so fuckin



    hell izy yizay

    its a HUGE party

    i got a feelin im gonna fight

    ppl are talkin shit

    time ta go!
  2. behave yourself Stylez...I want you to be conscious enough to see my new sig in the morning :D
  3. aight that fuckin sucked, was the biggest adrenaline rush for NOTHIN :(

    seems im not gettin a ride cuz my boy passed too high...n im well maybe next weekend.


    p.s Lookin forward to that siggie ;)
  4. beat about ya not getting to go... can't wait to see the siggie hempress :)
  5. LOL...I fell asleep last night in front of the computer trying to make a new you'll have to wait another day :(

    I'm trying to use a new program...I was using Photo Brush, now I'm trying Photo Shop 7.0, but I can't figure it out yet...poo.

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