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  1. I'm a flirt. I love to flirt with girls especially when I am bored. I probably flirt with 3 girls on an average weekday(I am on a huge college campus so its not hard). The thing is that is it. I don't try to manipulate them or lie to them in hopes of getting laid. One girl I flirt with in class has a boyfriend. I have never made a move on her at all and completely respect that and I have never said anything sexually suggestive the topics are completely innocent. I think the act all in all is benign however some people say I am leading these girls on and that flirting with a girl who has boyfriend is wrong.

    I was wondering what your take on flirting was. Personally I see nothing wrong with it. I respect boundaries and I make the girl laugh, she has fun, and probably gets a self-esteem boost.
  2. i love flirting too. it gives me a pretty good ego boost and its gets the dopamine in the brain rushing but i got a problem with escalating with women. i need to be more aggressive. but i dont see a problem with flirting. its a form of communication so it technically isnt leading on or manipulating even though it can seem that way if the person really has no interest in you. i think im addicted to flirting haha
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  4. i bet high itd be a blast. i dont know why but just the thought of the feeling of being high and letting go being care free with women. i havent smoked in awhile but now that my confidence has grown substantially recently, i need to try this some time one day during class:devious:
  5. I've never heard of this word before, also what's a girl?
  6. i dont know whether i should hate you more or pity you more james. i just dont know.
  7. How about both you sexy stud?

  8. i think those are those things that walk on 4 legs and are hairy as fuck, also some people walk them on leashes
  9. Oh those things, they're called bitches right?
  10. Yeah it's fun and helps you get through the day. They do it too. Nothing wrong with it, because most flirting, atleast that I do, is ambiguous, in the sense that if they asked if I was flirting, I could argue the point either way.

  11. bitches or hoes or something, i dont really know

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