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  1. If I were to wait 7 more days then flip would that be to soon I know this room will fill up I already topped I was thinking of waiting 7 more days then defoliation then flip I just switched to Hps today IMG_20230326_121230562.jpg IMG_20230326_121205056.jpg IMG_20230326_121211186.jpg IMG_20230326_121235972.jpg
  2. You have a lot of canopy to fill. Looking down on them i like to get at least 80% of the area filled before flip
  3. I would wait longer. Like a few weeks without too much messing with them. What's your head room situation? Plant will double in height in flower. That's the concern.
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  4. 8 ft
  5. After a week I will see I bet the explode now under 1200 watts hps at 18 inches
  6. You've got plenty of room. Flip them when they're 18" tall.
  7. About to give their first feeding haven't watered in a while the pits are gone dry and light gonna do a gallon each here is their food at 700 ppm IMG_20230326_155908840.jpg IMG_20230326_155924544.jpg
  8. IMO - skip the feeding man. That soil is plenty good for them right now. If you need to scratch the itch...make it 1/100th the normal dose. You can see eagle tips clawing down in the above photos.
  9. If they where my plants, I would fip them now, i don't care about the height, just the canopy width, imo a short wide plant is always best, just like a scrog, a flat canopy full of 1ft long buds.
    short plants will triple there hight in the stretch.
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    To stop stretch. Keep using the mh light . Flip it when its ready your height . Continue to use the mh lights just until you start seeing pre flowers . Then flip to hps, Stretch not to be confused by growth . Tighter bud spacings . You could also fim again the same day of your 12/12 Get double the tops .
    Try my way see if you get a bigger yield . Closer nodes bigger buds .
    Ditch the hps in veg its really slower then mh . Unless there is a reason you want to add stretch not actual tighter spacing . I see zero reason for you to use hps . Im the (KING ) of hps in this chat. I used to use street lamps back in the day before they had grow lamps .Back in the 70s lol damn im getting old
  11. Yes he should wait . I actually suggest 18 to 24 inches tall. He has 1200 watts of hps available easily enough to get max yields from the bigger plants . He could pull 10 ounces each plants easily .
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  12. even better i will use 1 hps and 1 mh and do a side by side thanks for the input this picture was just 2 plants thats why i want to flip a little early i will be packed wall to wall with buds lol b2.jpg
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  13. it was only water and some vitamins the runoff was at 300 ppm ph of 6.6
  14. Pass on using the mh in flower after they start budding . You will lose about 25 % yield.
    Now if you want to use both hps and add a source of white light like a led or just 250 watts of mh or t5 whatever it will help the quality just a bit. It may or may not make the thc stronger . It will for sure make it look more sugar pored on it . Put a few t5 bulbs on the back walls or leds . Try that on the top of a few plants .
    a 10 k light is best if you have only up to 250 watts your grow there is no need to do more
    They sell 10 metal halide t5 bulbs. They kick ass for adding sugar old school but still the best in my opinion except for the newer leds that have added uv. I still like the t5 better for the sugar added 10 k bulbs.
  15. 8' is the ceiling? what's the ht of the lights? I'm in the same boat now. the GDP clones are 1 month in the 6 gal pots today & want to veg as long as possible, maybe 2 more weeks? then flip & scrog. lst began at 10 days & been supercroping about a week. Stems are girthier than ever, thanks for the tips GC.
  16. I don't know why anyone would flower a plant off at 24" indoors, could end up with a 4ft plant, 5ft with the pot.
    sosogrow could run out of space if the plants end up 3ft wide, would the plants become root bound in the buckets?
    Never see anyone pull 80 oz's from 2 x 600w lights, IMO 30oz's would be a good crop.

    Good luck sosogrow, just keep your targets realistic, with good genetics, environment, etc, you should pull 1-1.5 oz per ft2.
  17. let me splain it to you. the ht of the ceiling 8' the light hangs down 16" & you don't want plants say within another 16" (numbers will vary) Now you have lost almost 3' of the 8, the ht of the pot is a good 10-12". If your plants stretch more than anticipated ( like my last grow) you may be SOL :poop:. Low growing Indicas is where it's at for me now. :metal:
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  18. ZACTLY, a 4-5' healthy plant with big buds. Some of us are HOME growers, not in a commercial warehouse & space can be an issue. I get app 5 +/- gal jars of bud from a 5x5' minus the toilet.
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  19. I top and lst my plants loads, often they are 24-30" after the stretch (above the pots), often the top 18" is soild bud, less waste to gt rid of, no popcorn and its quick and easy to harvest, 6-8 shoots per plant.
  20. 4'-5' (from the floor) is my sweet spot. :smoke:

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