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  1. My friend was telling me about how his family grows tomatoes,and seeing as weed is close to tomatoes, i wondered. SO he says all you do is take a 5 gallon bucket with a lid, fill it to the top with soil and drill a 3/4inch hole in the center and plant the seed, once the plant is big enough to fill the hole a bit, usually right before flowering you hang the bucket upsidedown and drill a hole in the bottom of the bucket and water it from the top. he said the plants get huge and bushy and the tomatoes are about twice the average size for the strain, obviously this would mean good yields and plent of bud. BUt my questuion is does anyone have pics of this type of setup or has anyone ever tried it?
  2. thats nuts and I want to see someone try that.

    I just dont see how it would be beneficial to the plant though.
  3. Makes scense.

    I know the method for tomatoes, as you counteract gravity and the plant having to suck the nutrients up into the stem. The tomatoes grow bigger because of the greater flow of liquid and nutrients into the plant.

    Pretty much the exact same reason you hang your weed upside down during drying. And also one of the reasons Hydro grows so well simply because the nutrients and water is right at the root and the root doenst have to suck it from the soil.

    should work for flowering as well, but the thought of having your 1000watt very high voltage light below your plant and watering from the top and having the water drain down and pretty much in effect watering the light as well, i havent found the balls to try it on weed just yet.
  4. here is a setup with tomatoe tree and yes it does work very very well.

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  5. yeah, thats one of the only problems i could see happening but you could easily just put a clear cover over the light. but it looks good in those pics.

    it makes total sense that its better because with a normal plant capilary action is used to bring the water up the stem, thus the plant has to have lots of tiny tubes for it to work, on the other hand gravity is much more powerful than capilary action so it is able to push the water and nutes down into the plant very easily allowing it to grow very fast and large.
  6. Oh man I'm going to have to try this..

    I was thinking of vegging the plant normally, and then turning it upside down next to the light, so it starts looking like the one dierwolf posted a j shape, and then scrog it horizontally right under the light.... That would be some sick shit. LOL :smoking:

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