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  1. First off excuse the bad pic, my cam doesn't do close-ups well, also excuse the referance to birth-defects, I just don't know what else to call it.

    I'Ve benn growing off and on for years and I've never seen anything as wierd as this. If you can tell from the pic this plant is up to it's fourth node and ALL the leaves are single blades. Perhaps this strain has been severely inbred? Has anyone else ever seen such a bizarre growth pattern?

    P.S. none of the other plants from the same seed stock,(mex. Sativa), are like this.

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  2. maybe its not MJ but something else.
  3. no, it's definitely MJ.
  4. i seen a plant that looked like that but it had like a couple sets of one singal leaf and a few leaves with only 2 blades i seen it like 2-3 weeks ago guy i know has 25 plants and one is like that one but it is now in 12/12 and is female but still very strainge looking plant its branches r very short like 4 -5 inches long and the plant almost looks like just one cola with no branches its very strange loooking he says its some kina afganie plant or something but hes a lil out of his tree lol

    just grow the plant and see what happens when u put it in 12/12 :)

  5. Here's the plant almost two months later. It has dropped all the single blade leaves and now has 5 nodes of 3-bladed leaves. Really wierd. Could this be due to extreme shade perhaps?

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