Flipped to flower. Defoliate?

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  1. He guys I know defoliation is a pretty divided thing when it comes to weed. I flipped my plants 2 days ago and my canopy is thick. I’ve trimmed the odd leaf off here and there. But should I give it a good defoliate?

    61EB07D2-BAC0-4015-91C6-2EB9E5E1C159.jpeg 33A83F90-86CD-47A3-A893-8B18F7856C53.jpeg 6802AF40-F8D7-4C96-928C-84879C215032.jpeg 9F358B99-0AA1-4125-ADCA-BEB3264DF29D.jpeg 6BEBB9CA-B7F3-4CA5-BD61-F791361A965F.jpeg 6A556FC2-024A-4EAD-9FC2-694C14EC4999.jpeg A378461C-1A1B-4FFE-A74C-E9757E7B1236.jpeg F0B905CE-6B47-4A72-BA15-5C4FCA534F1D.jpeg
  2. Definitely could use a defol IMO.
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  3. I thought so Some of the fan leaves are huge lol.
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  4. I personally would remove lower growth and fan leaves and just attempt to spread out the upper canopy to receive more light rather than remove solar panels but either way your call. Just another approach.
  5. I see that! Lol. Lots of shade under there... Looks like you've got some work to do .Lol .you're lucky, mine are only two weeks in, so I'm just sitting here watching them grow..lmao. Good luck bro .they look hella good
  6. I would do the opposite and leave them be. You got decent air flow and room to grow. Why slow them down?

    I only remove the lower branches that get in the way.
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  7. You'll never get a unanimouse opinion on this so it's up to you really.

    Personally I wouldn't cut any leaves off, those plants look super healthy, all the leaves are in great condition, all have good colour so you know they're all very hard-working. Seems crazy to miss out on all that energy they're collecting from the light. The plants use that energy to grow bud
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  8. The fans always get the biggest, so I have to think that they are consuming a certain amount of energy too. Energy that can possibly be focused elswhere. That's why I'm experimenting on the 3 I have going now, to see if losing the largest fans at a young age either stunt the plant or make it so other parts grow more vigorously. I have to say that it's looking like the latter so far...
  9. I thought it would get mixed answers. I had read that you want the big fan leaves the are like a solar panel and they contain the plants energy and nutrients. And people thought you give them nutes and light so they should have to store it. So I ended up deciding to cut a few leaves off. Mostly the big leaves in the centre of the plant. And left outside ones that weren’t shading anything.

    After (they look ugly lol)
  10. Give em a week to ten days and theyll look like you never touched em... Don't second guess yourself, I'm sure around half of the growers in GC defol more than once per grow.....You're doin great bud, keep your eye on the prize .
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  11. The parts of the plant that are growing uses energy. So that's bud, stems and the tips of the leaders. Fully grown leaves are using next to no energy because they aren't growing. However, they are providing all the energy for the plant to be able to grow bud, stems, and new leaves.

    This is a simplified process of what happens in those leaves...
    The leaves take in carbon dioxide (carbon and oxygen) and uses sunlight and water (hydrogen and oxygen) to make carbohydrates (carbon and hydrogen) they release the unwanted oxygen through the leaves and use the carbohydrates as fuel to build more plant.

    Take those leaves away and it can't transpire water as much, so can't draw as much up through it's roots. It also won't be able to take in as much carbon dioxide and won't be able to release oxygen as much without those leaves. So less carbohydrates (food) for the plants to use
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  12. My experience has been completely different, my fan leaves always continue to grow, if they didn't I wouldn't need to cut them off because they are shading everything... Like you said, opinions are different and strategies aren't always the same, I definitely don't grow the biggest and best, but I do know of a few who defol and lollipop and get some of the largest yields I've seen and read about. To each there own, only personal experience will tell what's best for you .
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  13. They have perked up every time I gave them some defoliation when transplanting to a big pot. But usually back to normal after a few days. Awesome Thanks mate
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  14. That isn't my experience, that's some extremely basic science. That's how plants photosynthesise
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  15. im not trying to argue my friend. But they obviously work in different ways than you think because they grow without those fan leaves in many tents in many homes everyday. Its Simple reality .
  16. They must be magic plants if they don't need to photosynthesise
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  17. Look at what he did to those plants.... And yet they still live, thrive actually, and will still yield what the environment allows... Magic indeed!
  18. I envy your grows sir. But as a seasoned grower, I would have thought you would know that there is not ONLY one way to grow buds. Have a good one my friend .
  19. True story.
    Fan leaves perform majority of photosynthesis therefore providing the energy and sugars which create your THC. They control the CO2 as you mentioned and water perspiration. Therefore they also help the plant maintain temp.
    When you cut your fan leaves you are messing with all that.
    When the plant has a limb or leaf use more energy than required it will remove it for you. They are nice that way :roflmao:

    Also you stunt your growth and then the plant focuses more energy replacing the beautiful leaves that were cut. It also increases chance of infection.
    Prolly a few more tid bits I forgot but meh..ppl argue science.

    Leaf power!
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  20. You cannot deny growers using this method with exceptional success. I don't care what you Google and read.. simple fact; the plants DO NOT DIE if you defoliate correctly, therefore those leaves ARE NOT vital to the plants survival .you guys act like if one leaf comes off the whole plant is doomed, false. I'm not going to sit and debate whether it works for everyone, but it obviously works for some . Again good day .To the OP I apologize for the excessive replies that aren't aiding in your venture.
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