Flipped 2 weeks ago- no budding ???

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  1. So I flipped these bad boys with 3 days of darkness exactly 3 weeks ago almost from a 24/7 light cycle

    I cannot get ANY buds to come out of these at all!!! What’s going on?!?!

    (Pics below of them as of 5 minutes ago)

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  2. duplicate thread
  3. male plants dont flower
  4. Not a duplicate bro I posted one in sick plants and one in indoor growing for different perspectives
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  5. They aren’t male I have all feminized seeds
  6. I ordered specifically feminized seeds and that’s what I got never once had a problem with having male plants in almost 50 orders of different strains and 50 different grows I have serveral other plants from the same Order flowering in other locations
  7. do they have pistils
  8. yes dude….
  9. well the 3 days of darkness may have messed them up where in nature is it dark for 3 days and cannabis grows? that bro science is ruining a lot of grows
  10. Hasn’t ruined 47 grows for me always helped my plants to adjust for flower never once happend to be bad

    have 7 other plants where I’ve done this this grow doing fine this is the first time I’ve ever had a problem with flowering in 100+ plants

    If you new any science about the plant you would know that a specific hormone is created in the dark that induces flowering it begins with an A I can’t remember it off hand but the plant signals itself to produce flowers

    Because flowers can produce seeds and produce reproduction

    It makes the plant think it might die and forces it to flower

    Thanks for being a captain obvious though and being no help whatsoever !

  11. I’ve done well into the thousands of hours of research into the botany and biology of the cannabis plant and it’s many different sun species and strains

    Your defiantly someone who believes I’m bro science if it’s even in your vocabulary

    I would never believe anything anybody tells me without thouroughly researching it and looking at all variables given and results of them

    You should not be answering questions sir no offense but your of zero help

    Male plants don’t flower ?
    You say?

    That not even fucking true !!!

    a quick fucking google search can figure that out for fucks sake what are you high on!
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  12. You R the 1 asking for help, don't be a dick. Plants are resilliant & can survive alot of "harmful" things. Open your mind. Gee maybe I have been doing something "wrong" since the beginning. That's why we are here. If you are Never wrong, how can you learn? BYE
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  14. Woaaah lady listen I never said I was never wrong that’s not the point

    I’m getting straight up disinformation with this one couple comments why I react the way I do or do you not read me being told male plants can’t flower and asking if my fucking seeds are female like what kinda shit ass questions bro…

    Get the fuck off my forum I didn’t see this comment till now with your emotional ass

    It’s a BIG difference between so
    Someone trying to help and actually helping

    someone can have the best intentions and cause destruction

    so foh
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    Relax brother.
    That guy has only a few grows under his belt, but thinks he knows everything. He starts endless threads.......most of which are only for attention. He recently started a thread asking how to germinate seeds.......and he's the guy giving you advice. Lol.
    Good luck.
  16. Did you seriously expect every response on the interweb to be GOLD? :rolleyes: PS I was a dude the last time I could see it.
  17. I would try 11/13 and see if they start to flower.
    I have ran a few grows with 13 hours of darkness and they did alright.
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