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    Considering building some flip switches for an upcoming grow.
    Why turn the ballast off for 12 hours, right?

    1. Does a ballast (magnetic) need to be powered OFF before swapping lamp assemblies? (similar to changing the bulb with the ballast ON)

    2. Or... Does the commercially available Flipbox cycle the ballast power along with switching the lamp leads?

    3. Seems a DPDT latching relay would be a reliable way the switch the contacts. Anyone?

    [​IMG]$140 or $10?[​IMG]
  2. Go buy the Flipbox then take it part and report back to me. I was wondering the exact same thing. Here is what I do know. New bulbs need to be fired and warmed up. I would run the light first without using the box. Yes from what I have read the flip works on the out going side of the ballast. Ballast doesn't turn off. I'm still questioning how it strikes the bulb. But yes I'm thinking what you are thinking. Just make sure it's rated for your amp load. :smoking:
  3. Wait. I don't understand here. Why does the ballast need to be off for 12 hours?
  4. It's not off. He is using one ballast to controll two lights. Or 20 ballast to control 40 lights.:eek: This is during flowering. One room is on for 12 hours then it switches to the other room for 12 hours. Two flowering rooms. I hope that helps.:(
  5. It appears it is possible to simply unplug a lamp lead from a ballast(while on) and plug in a different(cold) lamp all together(type for ballast in question).

    More on this this spring.
  6. Ok I have the relay and a couple extra bulbs and cord sets. I also have a spare lumatek 1000. Wish me luck. I'll try it on Tuesday. But if it works you owe me 9 dollars... the relay was 18.00.:p I actually bought it for another application. It just seems too simple. The more I think about it, the more I want to walk out the garage right now and try it. I'll update later.:D
  7. Sweet Dorado. Eagerly awaiting any result. $9 seems pretty damn good from the low risk side of this experiment...

    Heard a grower say he went to some grow show and the light guys were pullin and pluggin all types into and outta this and that and everything was groovy. If the gear matches, it should work fine without damage(let the bulb cool).
  8. I actually went to the hydro store today and they loaned me a couple bulbs and socket. Need to watch a show with the Mrs. I'll be burning the midnight oil. Will report back soon.;)
  9. It works. I did some research and that type of relay is not going to last. I just ordered two more industrial relays. 30 amp DPDT relay will control four light and two ballast but wouldn't recommend. It would leave a hot side going to the hood that is turned off. I would flip both legs. The coolest part is the guy with just one 20 amp outlet can get some shit done.

    Example 2 1000k bulbs over a 4x8 tray. One bulb on for two hours then other for two hours. It could be used like a light mover. Or in a vertical grow top light on for 2 bottom light on for two hours.

    Getting crazy... Two lights switching for 12 hours then switch to another room flip floping another two bulbs. One ballast four bulbs. I'll take pictures if anybody is interested. It doesn't seems like anybody give two shits about what I write. Probably my style. Oh well.:D
    So yes I have the same relay and got it to work.:hello:
  10. Flip flopping two bulbs on one table. Awesome! A friend of mine just did an experiment in which he vegged & flowered two 9' long wool slabs using just one 1000K on a 6' mover. The results lead us to believe more light is needed during the last 6 weeks(small buds).

    Vertical growing uses lighting that does not require reflectors, decreasing setup costs even more.


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