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Flip the high switch

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Faded Spinner, Oct 26, 2002.

  1. Anybody in here control their high well enough, so that in more comfortable situations your high returns to you. Don't get it? I'll explain. So like you gotta meet somebody's parents, your driving, or maybe your just out in public, are you able to turn your high off and later resume it?
  2. it depends how much I toke or situation.

    example one
    cops pulls us over: Im scared shitless, theres a bowl under my seat. Are my eyes red? Chill out, relax. After the cop leaves, im all cracked out

    example two
    we go into a convieniance store (7-11) to get some munchies. Everyone is turnin their highs off, but when we get to the counter, i notice how many items we put there and I jus start crackin out and I leave cuz Im all fucked up again
  3. i tried to control my high when I was tlaking with someone who I wanted to make sure that she didn't think I was a complete pothead (you know an intellectual friend... crazy at it sounds). I saw her randomly and just kind of stared at the ground and could not keep up with the questions asked...

    Eventually I got pretty involved and started rambling about how the dorms need to walls... she left a bit befuddled.

    For me, its not like alcohol which I can completely control when I want to... it just happens FUCK!

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