Flimsy Stems

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Grassmann1, Oct 31, 2003.

  1. I hava a few plants growing indoors and the stems are not steardy at all and can barely hold up the plant itself...Is this normal for indoor growing...I propped it up with sticks and yarn
  2. get a fan blowing across it, and also bend it back and forth to make it srronger, and the stick obviously helps too, but try to thicken it up first........Peace out.......Sid
  3. Like Sid said...get a fan blowing gently across it as this causes the stem to strengthen ( it thinks its in the wild with wind ! )
  4. and another thing, how far do you have that light? sounds like youre stretched a bit also. and get the fan it will help tremendously!
  5. I rub the stems on mine. I guess it causes "scar" tissue inside and makes them stiff. I only run my fan a few hours a day, and bend them once and awhile. But when the stems are then and soft i rub them between my fingers.
  6. Its growing under som flouros

  7. Eeek I did that to a seedling and now its dieing!!!! the first few leaves are shrivling and the stem is even worse at holding up the plant ohh well now i know not to be too rough with them, live and learn
  8. Could be that you had salt on your fingers ( from sweat ) and it poisoned the plant...wash hands in warm water and dry well before you rub !! lol
  9. damn i think i must of had it on my hands ohh well i killed one of my sprouts :( not many are coming up, and its taking forever

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