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  1. hey guys, I'm new to this so I apology in advance if I created this in the wrong section. but I have a couple questions regarding the magic flight launch box.

    1) if I smoke around a gram to 1 1/2 a gram a day to get me high using a bong, how much would I need for daily use w/ a MFLB?

    2) what are the main differences when it comes to the high?

    3) and last, how much does it reaaaly smell? can I get away with it using it in my room?
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    I've been using a MFLB as my primary tool since August. One thing to note though, I got it in 2011, been using it for years, so my technique is very good. Therefore my experience may be different than someone who's a new to MF's. I also have a variety of accessories including the power adapter, which may change the experience a bit.
    1) When I combusted as my primary method I used to go though an Oz every 3 weeks. Now an Oz lasts me 5-6 weeks.
    2) When I first got my flight box I didn't get it. I thought the high was weak and had heard all kinds of stuff about how the vape high just isn't as strong. That's bullshit. It's stronger than a combustion high.
    It took a while to get the technique down, but once I learned to use the box right, I realized that with much less herb I was getting much higher. But the give for the gimme is you have to take the time to learn to use it. Which sucks for some people. And I get that.
    3) Yes it smells. It smells a lot less, but it still smells. Especially if you're using it in a small room. It does not smell like smoking weed, but it does smell like weed. The good thing is, it doesn't produce thick smoke that will stick to your clothes or breath. Also the vapor smell lingers for a much shorter time imho. So in many ways it is a lot stealthier, but not perfect or odorless.
  3. thanks for all of your useful information. really appreciate it. one last question, once you insert the battery and push it in, you're supposed to take a hit 5 seconds after/ or after you see a small embercorrect? and after that hit, do you remove your battery again, and just continue that process untill it's all used up in the trench? 
  4. After 5 seconds of seeing the orange light hit you can attempt to start sipping vapor. You don't wanna pull like a pipe, its not smoke your inhaling its vapor. Just sip slowing like every 3 seconds for up to about 12 seconds.

    Yes you release the battery within like a 15 second hold I believe. Theres a couple of different methods and you basically find what is best for you.

    I love the MFLB, but it does have a learning curve. You'll get used to it, try watching youtube videos now.

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  5. just picked it up and watched some videos on it. used it couple times, and it definitely gave me a pretty good high. however I was wondering how you know if you've combusted it, and the negatives/positives of that? (some of my slow puffs were a little tough, and I had been told it's usually supposed to be very smooth) (sorry for all the questions:) )
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    You can tell you combusted if you see white ash like you would in a pipe when you smoke out of it.

    I got the mflb and it kicksass!

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    Well yeah it can tend to burn a bit because it gets very hot. I mean I've just gotten used to it.

    To maximize your experience try getting a Magic Flight Finishing Grinder and Power Adapter.

    You could also try hooking it up to a bong if its that harsh. They also sell equipment for that as well.
    I recommend using their products because its backed by lifetime warranty. You can find it decently priced on eBay.

    As far as combustion its possible it gets to hot that it starts combusting. I've had it happen. If you notice black ash then its probably combusted. I usually stop vaping when its a dark brown. Just be sure to shake the box to keep it burning consistently.

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  8. I've been using my mflb for about a year now consistently, and the one tip I can give is when you are sipping, put the tip of your tongue near the end of the straw. As you draw, you can modulate the temperature by drawing faster or slower, and you'll get a feel for when things start getting out of hand. After the first week I don't think I've combusted once, and continue to get really good results.  Last thing, remember to keep your AVB, it's still useful!
  9. what ways do you use AVB? I know you can make edibles with them right?
  10. Do a search on here for way more ideas than I can give ya. A simple one is just put about a gram of it in some nutella, spread that on some bread and voila.  Do read up though, it's very imprecise because it depends on how dark you vape it to, and how much you use, and your own body chemistry. Most ppl say start around 1 gram, wait 45 minutes or an hour and maybe boost a little from there depending on how you are feeling.   Seriously though, there are recipes for budder, chai tea, tincture, the sky really is the limit.   Personally I drop a gram in into a snackpack of pudding and gulp it down fast. Seems to do the trick for me. :)
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    There are several signs you've combusted. It tastes like combusted weed. Or if it's later in your session and you combust weed that's already vaped, it will smell like badly burnt popcorn.
    Also the weed will turn dark black color. you'll see it as soon as you go to shake things up.
    Regarding harshness. MFLB is always going to be a bit harsh. You are right up on the heat source, so the hits can be a bit hot compared to other vapes. 
    You can alleviate that by adding a draw whip, or a whip connected to a water pipe or bubbler. Basically making the vapor travel further to you, so it's cooled a bit.
    I just got used to it after a while, but I'll use a bubbler with it here and there as well.
  12. The quickest and easist way to tell if you've combusted is that the box will fill with smoke and taste greasy.  I don't know how people can confuse combustion with vaping..
  13. I've been using a MFLB exclusively for around 18 months and I love it...wake n bake, all stealth-mode. If stealth is the priority, I think it's the best, easiest option and the high is excellent, IMHO. 
    \nI always keep my MFLB in a small mason jar to to hide the smell while in storage. It's the only thing I trust 100%.
    \nWhen actually using the MFLB in your room, pull the battery and keeping inhaling (get all the vapor), hold the hit in your lungs as long as possible then exhale into a towel or something, have another smell going on in your room (food, deodorizer,candle, farts, etc)  
    \nI can do stealth tokes almost anywhere or situation, but if your raw buds are good and stinkin' they will stink up a room quick... keep em' in a jar.
    \nThe jar I use holds my box, some finely grinded herb, cleaning brush and a couple batteries...it has worked excellence for smell/stealth.
    \nGood Luck...Stay Lifted.
  14. what are stealth tokes exactly? I'm assuming the biggest or easiest differences between combustion and vaping is the amount of vapor/smoke that comes out, at least with the mflb? I think the couple times I've combusted it, more smoke came out, where as when I vape, less vapor/smoke and the hit is much less harsh?
    I think I'm starting to get the hang of it though. the manual and YouTube videos have helped a lot.
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    All I ever use. I have 3 of the wee boxes ;)

    I don't use it without the orb, and it's just sheer class .
    You will defo know you combusted, cause it will start spewing out white smoke lol
    The only time I combust now is when I lose concentration and get a stoner stare@ TV and forget to release button on my PA

    I wouldn't go back to joints or the high you get from them. More than happy@ the clean head highs I achieve from that simple wooden box :)
    For me stealth tokes are tokes when there is very little, if any vapor cloud on exhale.
    I try to hold these longer and then exhale into a towel or something to absorb any tiny amount of vapor. 
    I can get away with very little smell...any type of smoking cannot compete with this for stealth. IMHO.
    I have never combusted with my MFLB. 
    Hope that helps.
  17. a week later, I've definitely got a hang of it. it's amazing how little they smell and how quickly the smell dissappears. btw, has anyone tried to go back to smoking after vaping for a long time? I feel like I could get really high if I vape couple weeks straight and hit the bong or bowl afterwards.
    I always went back to smoking after vaping, because I felt vaping didn't deliver the "full spectrum" of the experience. Then I discovered the joy of cooking with herb. I find that vaping+edibles in varying combinations can get me anywhere I want to go. :)
  19. has anyone else had problems with the UNIT itself smelling like dank? seems to be the only unfixable problem unless you carry it in a bag or pouch or something but I find placing it in my pocket can still let out a stench

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