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  1. Hey guys, I've decided I would like to be a flight attendant. I have some questions since I live in Colorado would they give me random test after I take the first one or will THC not even be on there?
  2. Another trolley dolly with a big cheesy false smile.
    You sure this is what you want to become lol

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  3. companies like the airlines can drug test you regardless of your state's legality i believe

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  4. Drug testing is up to each individual airline. A lot of companies still get subsidies from the federal government to drug test. Chances are they will

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    How does one decide to be a flight attendant? fuck that lol
  6. i wrote this record while 30,000 feet in the air

    stewardess complimenting me on my nappy hair

    if i could fuck her in front of all these passengers

    theyd probably think im osama

    the plane emergency landed it was an honor

    hol up.

    they probably will drug test you. stepdad was a pilot and he got randomly drug tested by the airplane committee (not really what its called, idk) but he almost lost his license for pissing dirty one time. its probably a little less strict for the flight attendants but i wouldn't be surprised if they random drug test. whether THC matters or not? well it most likely still does since i think the air plane comittee is a federal entity so state law means zip?

    don't quote me tho. i just woke up rn and my eyes are soo watery
  7. I would expect to get tested. You go through a lot of training, learning how to deal with in flight emergencies, hijackings and suitcases full of snakes and shit. They want to know that you're going to be on point.
  9. Im a guy hahaha and you get to go all over the world sometimes stay there for the night to get free or discounted flights I love flying but I can't fly due to my vision.

    Its actually something I want to do. Why not? Something I think I would enjoy
  11. Yea till the wings fall off,and you go into the ground like a fuckung dart! Lol

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  12. It doesn't seem like a job that would be enjoyable
    but hey, whatever works for you :)
  13. i (a guy) have also considered it at times.  I love flying..  but i love smoking weed moar, so I've never actually applied bc I know I'd have to choose one or the other.  Its kind of like having to choose between your 2 kids..   you have 1 kid so you'll never have to face it.  Well not really like that... but similar.
  14. I believe you would be held to federal requirements and MJ is illegal to the feds...
  15. Guess we'll see in January then...
  16. goodluck :smoke:
  17. thanks
  18. flying lowers your life span cause of the constant pressure. from being so high up.

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