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Flies in bud and small black specks?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ProPenguin, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. I bought a couple grams from a good friend who grows his own weed here. He knows what he's doing and i noticed flies flying around his plants. He said it wasn't really a problem. 2 weeks later, everything was dry and he gave me some.

    The bud was dried by hanging and he did it right but there are like black...specks in it. It's not like it's really growing on it. It's just like tiny black balls that like come off if you pick them or hit it against something.

    There are also small black flies that were hanging out in the bag. I smoked some before I noticed it and that was like two days ago and I feel fine. Is it safe to smoke?
  2. The flies will get you higher, smoke zat shieeet. I don't see why smoking cannaflies would be dangerous.
  3. What the fuck man
  4. Cannaflies.... Lol
  5. can we get some pictures? Small black specs could be anything
  6. the black flies are most likely fungus gnats and wont really do anything to you, but the black specs is probably insect poop and probably is the best stuff to burn and inhale...

    but i've smoked and vaped bud with dead aphids in it and it naturally had their poop on it too and i ended up fine
  7. Go ahead and smoke, and enjoy getting high. You should be fine.
  8. its not like youre ingesting anything... just burning and tokin. worst that could happen is that you inherit the souls of any poor bugs that get caught in your bud.
  9. Lol I would toss it but that's just me I'm not into smoking insects..
  10. Hell yeah dude, I'd smoke it. Bugs fly in my mouth all the time, no difference.

  11. Well one is using your digestive tract, the other your lungs.
  12. Nothing can live past a flame of a lighter.. u must be a america. Only place where we havent learned the benefits and high protein insects are. Smoke away u got bud with high protein that's all.
  13. Vitamins lol, smoke it ;)

  14. hhahaha this post made melooollll
  15. I would just try to pull em off with some tweezers or some shit.
  16. flys and fly crap?
  17. [quote name='"Inforit"']flys and fly crap?[/quote]


    Is it really that hard to use logic? Lol

    Flies on plant +
    Flies poop
    Fly poop on weed

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