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  1. I have noticed little flies or fruit flies flying around my grow box. I think these are attracted to the CFL's and heat. What can I do to get rid of these things without putting anything on the plant itself?
  2. fruit flies wont do sht to em but lag eggs and stuff in the soil ( atleast with my peat lol) but idk if they are flying aphids u have a problem dontk know how to get rid of them on my plants
  3. Unfortunately with most pests you need to treat the soil, leaves, shoots buds everything because most of them leave eggs in/on and around the soil and foliage. Neem oil is great and is totally organic or make your own by adding a drop or two of dish soap and/or chilli peppers to a spray bottle of water.
  4. Try letting the soil dry out a little bit more. I only seem to get them when the soil stays damp, and they tend to disappear on their own when it is allowed to dry out. Worth a try before adding any chemicals, and it worked for me....
  5. I agree, I've always seen them when the soil has been maintained too wet. Let it dry out for a few days and then water. This will also be good for the plants.

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  6. If your grow is small (closet/growbox) invest in some yellow sticky tape or yellow sticky cards. If your pest issue is small those cards will trap and kill of small amounts. But if your soil has larvae in it you may have to drench. Could be thrip or fungus knats. GooD LucK
  7. thats sucks man, you wanna get rid of those asap. i have a clone from a mango lady I have budding now, these fruit flies infested it so badly, and it hasnt grown in about 2 weeks, I got rid of them by smashing them, and spraying the undersides of leaves with soapy water, I also got ALOT of them with the suction hose from my vacuum, I also ordered some "fox farms don't bug me" that should be getting to me during next week, my advice would be if you got a vacuum with a hose get them while they're in the air, and not when they are on the plant, because you will suck the leaves right off the plant or damage the leaves badly, I just shook the leaves, and waited for them to fly off, and got them in mid air, hope this helps

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