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FlexYourRights 10 Rules

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ResearchIt, May 17, 2010.

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    So I've been seeing a lot of posts where people are getting caught, and searched when they could have avoided charges by "flexing" their rights. This has probably popped up here before but I think its time for a refresher. Here is a video in 4 parts that is very good and even gives you examples.

    [ame=]YouTube - 10 Rules for Dealing with Police[/ame] Part1
    [ame=]YouTube - 10 Rules for Dealing with Police PART 2[/ame] Part2
    [ame=]YouTube - 10 Rules for Dealing with Police PART 3[/ame] Part3
    [ame=]YouTube - 10 Rules for Dealing with Police PART 4 FINAL[/ame] Part4

    Some Key Points:
    1. You have the right to refuse searches. Be clear and say "I dont consent to searches"
    2. Be Calm and Cool
    3. Cops are legally allowed to lie to you, DONT TRUST WHAT THEY SAY
    4. Don't let them in your house, if you let them in they dont need a warrant.
    5. If a cop is not detaining you you have the right to terminate contact anytime you want, just say " Are you detaining me or am I free to go?"

    In some cases cops will violate your rights, if they do you have a much higher chance of getting off.
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    That is good information, however location and situation are still huge factors. Remember that certain cops are "specially trained" in drug recognition and control. These cops when pulling you over DO have the right to search your car if they so much as get a whif of sweet smelling smoke, or whip another reason out of their ass they think you're high (these people are EXTREMELY difficult to battle in court). They also have the right to speak to you without detaining you, as long as they have reasonable suspicion that you're high (but at that, reasonable suspicion can be anything the cops want it to be).

    That was a good post though, my above comment is reserved for special cases, but it does happen. and none of the above is arguable in court, because the "appointed" officer has been given those legal rights to make the roads "safer".

    Also, the above applies in Canada, I'm not terribly familiar with rights and laws regarding such things in the states.

    Out of curiosity, where are these videos in reference too?

    Good post, keep it up

    Edit: all those points in researchit's post are still very true across the states and canada, just figured I'd throw that other stuff in there so people are aware that in Canada (like I said, not sure about state laws) there are specially appointed drug recognition officers that have more influence than a regular officer. Also ALOT more experience in the field, so they know how to fuck you around without breaching your rights.

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    So you say "NO" to the search, Cop now says he has "Probable Cause" and calls in a k-9 unit. K-9 unit gives a signal that you infact do have something and you end up fucked either way.

    Guy in the 1st vid had a bad attitude, Be respectful to a cop, It goes a long way.
  4. These videos are in reference to USA. I have never heard of drug recognition officers in the states that have special privileges, but Ill look out for them if i ever goto Canada.
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    refusing a search has never been and never will be grounds for probable cause. However, it is within his power to call the K9 unit and if they bark at you then that is probable cause.

    EDIT: Remember cops can lie to you so don't trust them
  6. I think they should be showing this in school's beat that into kids heads instead of wasting thier time
  7. i had one class my senior year called business law and my teacher was awesome we would come in baked and he'd just laugh and be like 'i'd be high if i had to come to this class too' and the funny thing was, he was an EX COP haha. I loved that class because he showed us verrry similar videos to these and they even involved getting out of car searches for herb. as long as you're respectful and don't consent to a search without cause, there still are DICK cops out there that are decieving and skeeemin' so you just gotta watch out and limit your hotboxing seshs.
  8. It may be weird, but when I drive high or with weed on me I always have a tape recorder with a fresh tape in it. If I get pulled over, hit the record button. They ask to search, I say no, they do anyway, and boom-proof I didn't consent. Of course, it's different if they have probable cause. This actually got a possesion charge I recently got dropped though.
  9. Damn dude good fucking thread! and yeah they really should teach this at schools, this is the important shit right here. Fuck plate tectonics and trig.

    I love the "but don't go around saying stuff like - "I know ma rights mutha fucka! Get outta ma face bitch! I'ma sue you!"

    This should be stickied imo :hello:
  10. Thanks!, it would be cool to have a stickied thread
  11. People should know this
  12. great info. watched all of it.

    funny story. when i was 16 i got into some trouble and was being a dick to the cops in my house. one of them said my parents are legally allowed to beat me, then he cited some thing in the pa crimes code. well while they were outside talkin to my dad, i looked it up and proved them wrong before they left. turns out they only can if i am currently a danger to myself or others.
  13. people pass this on to friends i think we can all learn a little from it i know i did. ive been serched so many times illegaly and the aressted for possesion of that i know this it aint ganna happen know more
  14. yea for real. cops will do whatever they want. all they have to do is pull something out of there ass and they can bullshit there way all the way to the top.
  15. Thanks for all the + Reps, BUMP because it is really useful information for anyone who tokes.
  16. To bad when you start flexing your rights the cops get mad, call in the k-9, and MAKE up a reason to search you.

    Everyone should get the norml freedom card
  17. just saving this thread.

  18. one time the cops pulled me over and wanted to search my car, they said they could either search it now, or impound the car and search it with a warrant after a few days. I had no idea what to do in that situation, because either way they were gonna search my car, right?

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