flexing muscles in ear to make a humming subwoofer sound? who can do this?

Discussion in 'General' started by Nutrition Facts, May 27, 2010.

  1. stoned, trying to explain this to my friend, and he swears he has no idea what im talking about.

    for as long as I can remember I could make this humming bass rumble sound in my head.. not an imaginary sound, but is like a deep bass rumble when i flex some weird muscles in my ears. (blood flow?) It also kinda triggers when i yawn or stretch.

    here is the weirder part, if i beat box i can kinda mentally turn it on or off and it almost acts like a subwoofer in my head..

    This is the first time i've ever really called it out but does everyone do this? haha
  2. Do you breath to make the humming sound?
  3. I know what you're talking about dude. I thaught i was the only one haha
  4. Woah! dude I have never heard of anyone else being able to do this but yea man I can do this for a long as time after awhile I feel like I have to yawn when I do it it kinda sounds like someone beating a drum really fast:smoking:
  5. I do it too. Kinda like a low rumbling.

  6. not at all, its not even from your mouth/throat
  7. oh fuck yes.
    ofcouse the stoner forum knows exactly what im talking about. You guys rock. :hello:
  8. oh man I'm so glad other people know this too. I fucking love doing it.
  9. haha its a sick sound to, but i think everyone can do it
  10. crazy i know what ur talking about but i had never tried beatboxing while doing it. It does sound like a sub. This is awesome
  11. i can do this

    but it's kinda weird
  12. FUCK yea dude when i get suuuuper baked sometimes i make up myu own stories and sounds and use that shit as a thick bass and its super sick and no one ever understands what im saying to them while im explaining what it is and how to do it..which is hard its like opening your throat w/o opening your mouth from the juggular point but at your ears....fuckin gnarly
  13. I do this as well. It would appear that many people can do it, but choose to not talk about it.
  14. Fuck yeah! I thought I was the only one
  15. i don't think it feels very pleasant

    it's like a controlled pressure adjustment

    kinda gives me a headache after a while

  16. yes i have it!
    hahah i didnt know what you were talking about but then i smoked and reread and yep i know what you mean bruh
  17. weird, but i keep doing it. i never realized you could do that before.....
  18. i can do that! :cool:

    edit: i actually do that a lot without realizing it till im doing it haha
  19. taa haaaaaat hataaa a aaaaaaaa TRENT!!!!!!!!!!! I CAN DO IT!!!

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