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  1. i just took 3 10mg flexeril muscle relaxers,ive never took them before.

    waiting for it to kick in,any one else took these?
  2. Yeah, and you aren't going to feel anything.
  3. o tru,thats weird cause im feeling all relaxed.
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    I have them prescribed.

    I take 2-3 for my musclepain,though it doesnt help at all.I am going to try and get better muscle relaxer's from my doctor.

    They may give you a little buzz,but it won't be much.Mostly just makes you tired.If you smoke weed with it it goes nicely together.It makes my eye's really red though.

    You could look on Erowid.com for more information to these.Next time you get muscle relaxer's try and get some soma's.
  5. and the sleep will start in about 30 minutes. lol.
  6. Yeah I'm prescribed to them, too. I've taken 5 before and never felt any buzz. Just knocked me out for 16 hours.
  7. this stuff is only good in combination with an opiate from my experience. otherwise its just boring ass sleepy time ahead.
  8. ya that's what i heard a took a vic a little while ago.


    ya there not mine,i wish i had some samos,but idk its kinda giving buzz,i feel a little relaxed,nothing amazing tho.

    and i cant play guitar for shit,my fingers wont move as fast as i want them to lol
  9. yep, i am with you man. I take them with vicodin or darvacet for my back and I only need one of each to feel good.
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    I just took 4 and am relaxed but my muscles still hurt.It feel's like I took .5 mg's of Xanax or something of the sort's.

    I can stay awake easily on these.They can make you tired but if your used to Xanax or something they may not and if they do you should be able to fight it and stay awake.Smoke some weed with it and you will feel it alittle.

    I gave my friend 30 mg's of Hydrocodone and 20 mg's of these and dude is nodding out on my couch.Lol He has a pretty good tolerance to opiate's so I would say they MIGHT work synergysticly(spelling?)together.
  11. lol no shit,i wish had 30mgs of some hydro,i would happy lol

    ya I'm not tired at all just feel relaxed,its been a little over an hour since i took them,on a empty stomach.but ya I'm always talking bars.that might be why im not that tired from these.
  12. x2. its STRICTLY a body high. You will not feel "relaxed", as this is a state of mind. And its not even a pain killer either, it just relaxes your muscles.
  13. no shit sherlock
  14. I take this stuff if i'm looking for a good night sleep. It relaxes you slightly but not really recreational.
  15. go smoke like 3 bowls and maybe youll feel something
  16. Flexaril suck, i have to eat over 200mg to feel good, and it was even that way before i had a tolerance for them.

    They just make you tired and lazy.
  17. I've taken fifteen at once and I didn't feel shit. I got in a car wreck and got a script for them. They are worthless. I can't even say I felt sleepy. The relaxed feeling is most likely a placebo effect...
  18. It does make you somewhat relaxed, but it's not too pronounced. If you we're in pain you probably wouldn't feel it.
  19. I wasn't in pain and I had plenty left over. I have taken them on more than one occasion also. I've never experienced anything at very high doses but it might just be me. Erowid pretty much says about the same thing though. I'd save them for if I ever really needed them..
  20. ya they kinda made me relaxed.

    but i passed out and have been sleeping all day lol

    they kinda suck.

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