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  1. ok i keep seeing this fleshlight thing on so many porn sites and i was just wondering if anyone has used one. does it really feel just as good as the real thing? just wondering....not like im gonna spend 50 bucks on it....
  2. Hahahahaha lol I got no fucking idea, thats sad as hell though if anybody has bought it :p
  3. Ummm......................kay..................:poke:
  4. hey I bought one and its well worth the money not something you use everyday though bust on special occasions
  5. Plastic bag + lube + pillows = your own fleshlight

    dont trip ive never done this :p
  6. Lol! :D Sounds like your describing a wine or sumtin :p

  7. Are you seriously saying a plastic vagina is worth the money?
  8. why not? a plastic dick seems to be worth the money for women......
  9. Maybe if your a 85 year old single guy with erectile disfunctions, lots of money, no internet acess for porn, and lost your hands in world war 2 then it might be worth it. Any other situations and its pretty sad lol :)
  10. I have one of the asshole ones.
  11. Suree ya havent ;)...

    My friend has a pocket pussy haha
  12. when i saw the title i just laughed
  13. yeah I thought about getting more features on mines but im straight with my vagina version also its good if you wanna practice so for the next time you get a real target they will keep comin back;) lol
  14. did you ever go rehab? only reason i ask is cuz two of my friends who dont even know each other who both went to rehab told me about people there tellin em do that shit- they called it a fifi
  15. Guys get the raw end of the deal as far as masturbatory devices go. Girls get all manner of vibrators and dildos. All we have are masturbation sleeves. I'm not impressed by the people who are ragging on guys that have them. That's not a far cry from saying masturbation or sex in general is bad. Girls use more than their fingers sometimes, why can't guys?

    I don't own a fleshlight but I did buy a knockoff called the Port-o-muff(cute name, eh?). It does not feel like a vagina but sometimes it feels better than your hand. I rarely use the thing but once in a while I pull it out. Just for the record, I've been with my girlfriend for over 5 years, get laid 4-5 times a week, and I bought this thing with her last summer.
  16. Pbnation.com had a field day on that device already...

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