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    I know what you mean, but to be honest, it sounds like you need to go rub one out

  2. So are masturbation and getting laid mutually exclusive? That is retarded. I use a fleshlight every day. I have sex with a woman 3-5 times a week and the fleshlight use has made those real encounters even better.

    Anyone that feels fleshlights are "gay" or "pathetic" or thinks that the people who use them cant get laid should really work on becoming more comfortable with their own sexuality, as it is either completely foreign to them or seriously fucked up.

  3. Dude, I'm in college and I have one. It's definitely supplemental to the real thing. There is just no replacing hot, wet, tight passion of sex with a female. My fleshlight just makes you

    1. Able to rub one out when you can't get any. Even with a fuck buddy, I still masturbate a lot.

    2. It makes you have better climax control. It's a confidence booster, though I never really had any issue with that.

    I bet you secretly wished you had one, right?
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    Just ordered the Stamina Training Unit since it was $10 off and I found a 20% coupon online. Without shipping it was about $47. With shipping included in the final cost, it came to about $57.

    I was really interested in the Wonder Wave, Vortex, Mini-Lotus, Destroya, and even the Alien inserts... ah, soooo many different styles.

    I think I will just stick with the STU. Maybe one more several months from now. I don't know if I could justify spending much more than that. These sex toys are expensive!

    As a side note, I found it pretty nice to see that many people on the Fleshlight forums were stoners. The people who didn't smoke didn't bash anyone who smoked and they didn't seem bothered by them. They seemed more accepting than anything. I always like it when the public's perception of stoners is positive. :)
  5. i think id buy it, use it once, feel awkward and be like :hide: i just stuck my dick in a pussy flashlight
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    You just have to comfortable with your sexuality. Why not experience a plethora of sexual experiences? It adds diversity and a new dimension to your masturbation rituals, that is all.

    Here's the Alien version... Haha, brought out in the midst of the Avatar craze...

  7. idk its just a weird concept sticking my dick in a machine and all hahaha but that avatar one is funny as fuck
  8. Just don't buy one with a mustache on it and you're good lol. Look up something called "ona-hole", I seriously don't even know how I learned about them but they're big in Japan I think. Think this thing:[​IMG]except with a vagina:laughing:. I don't think I'd buy one but I don't see anything wrong with it.

  9. LOL. I tried to use of of these before when I was younger. It was not worth the trouble... TOO SMALL.

  10. I'm not sure if you mean the water toy or the actual sex toy, but this is the reason I didn't look into getting the sex toy one. They look like it would be hard to even fit a finger in there.
  11. so hows the STU treating you?? i have a pos lotus one of the flg and hmm its a pos imo.

    actually i need the training and am wondering if the STU is effective on what its posed to do
  12. y'know what's good is real females with actual vaginas

    it's much much more fun
  13. lmao i`ve seen these things at the dollar store before it never crossed my mind to fuck it though. also how muhch is a fleshlight cuz i got about a $100 sitting around i was gonna spend on coolers and weed
  14. I have the stamina training unit.....never going back :D
  15. Funny story bout fleshlights, so I knew this girl who had a twin brother, he passed so she went to his place to clean up before family came etc, she had her son with her, she was busy cleaning up and out comes her son (who's about 6 I think) with one of the mouth fleshlights, saying "it's a kissing help mommy" ROFL she about died, but had to remain all like intelligent mother type and make a quick excuse for what it is.

  16. Did you really just bump an 8 year old thread about Flesh lights? God damn kids these days.

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