Flesh suspensions

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  1. I've been thinking about doing a suspension for a while now and have decided to go ahead with it in the next week or two. Have any of you done this before and have any advice or comments? I haven't decided if I want to do the suicide or the superman but I'm kind of thinking the superman.
  2. Really? Nobody is into this shit?
  3. Suspension is the most intense body modification practice short of mutilation, so Its not surprising there arent too many people into it here.

    I may do it for shits and giggles, but Im indifferent to it. But if you wanna do it go for it mon
  4. It's not even really body mod since you don't leave the hooks in. I can understand why people would be squeamish about it as such practices are still taboo in our fucked up society but to me getting tattooed seems a bit more extreme than a suspension.
  5. No i have not tried it, i wanted to know ideas more about it if you had done it.
  6. Nah. Not one bit more extreme not even close to a bit a quarter of a bit probably even less.
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    I'm not squeamish about it but I still have a negative opinion about it. I guess I'm just different as when I'm bored as I'd rather do other shit than hang myself from some hooks......sounds pretty fuckin' stupid to me and not to mention a waste of time. If it makes you happy though.....get after it man.
  8. I think they are very interesting. If I would do it or not I'm not sure. Maybe if I had someone there doing ad well. But it is something I have considered.

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