Flesh eating Zombies

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  1. I thought the zombies only eat the brain?
  2. Depends on what turned them into zombies :p
  3. would be fun fucking them, no doubt.
  4. What are the ways in which I can turn into a zombie that eats only the brains?

    Do I have to be eaten at the brain by another zombie who eats only the brain?

    Then how did the first brain eating zombie came to be?

  5. then again...it's fun fucking hamsters, and there no threat to humanity at all...yeah fuck zombies.

  6. But you just said don't fuck zombies, fuck hamsters instead?

  7. what i meant was.... i meant it in the figurative sense for the zombies, more like impaling them in the skull with my cock, and of COURSE in the literal sense for hamsters....sexy little bastards.
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    That's a paradox they would have to eat there way to the brain. With my little knowledge on commiting terriost acts I guess a very strong strain of anthrax mixed with an aggresion agent, Airbone unstopable

    If you eat the brain you would not be able to be a zombie, They may be dead flesh but they still need motor skills.

    It would be a very well made and evil virus.

    I pray for a zombie invasion of mass proportion finally money will mean nothing.
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    The Scariest Zombies in Nature | Science & Nature | Smithsonian Magazine

    Zombie Animals and the Parasites that Control Them | Unusual Organisms | DISCOVER Magazine

    Invasion Of The Mind-Controlling Zombie Parasites : NPR

    LOTS of parasites out there that control minds /kill them in nature...

    could mutate

    I recommend flipping through and reading the Zombie Animals and Parasites that control them, link.

    "A parasitic wasp called Glyptapanteles employs the same cruel strategy as the jewel wasp, but it plants its larvae inside a caterpillar rather than a cockroach.

    This case, however, has another bizarre twist: the wasp larvae make the caterpillar their bodyguard. As the larvae emerge from the caterpillar and attach themselves to a nearby plant, the caterpillar watches over the larvae and attacks anything that tries to get near them. "

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