Flesh eating Zombies

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  1. Could it really happen? I never gave it much thought until I saw someone from this place here Zombie Research Society . :wave:

    When asked this question his response was an emphatic "Yes. I believe that if we have unknown terrorist that are well funded and motivated it is well within human reach to create a biological weapon that was extremely viral and rabid like. The science is out there."

    What do you think are these people off their rockers, :bolt:
    or do you think its a possibility?
  2. Flesh eating no, rabies Esque hell yeah. They would would just beat the he'll out of you
  3. but why would they? they'd just all have rabies and shit...not like they'd do anything...but go to the doctor and stay in bed..
  4. I kind of have a zombie obsession....I lovvvveee zombie movies and tv shows. :)
  5. I have a hard time suspending my disbelief with Zombies and such.
    So, "no way man!"
  6. We already have the living dead, they're called crackheads
  7. Lollllllllllllll
  8. Logic trumps zombies everytime.

    Dead brains can't send signals to dead muscles, won't happen, sorry.

    28 days later, more possible, still there will be no outbreak as human bodies are the worst at hunting (without working mind),
    In 28 days later they were basically animals.

    7 scientific reasons zombies can't happen, there's a link, but I'm on a phone.
  9. There's a reason why were at the top of food chain, were VERY good at killing others.

    Zombie/infected humans would not last a few days.
  10. I hope so, otherwise I don't know what my destiny would be.

  11. Incredibly wrong logic, what if the virus takes effect after say a few hours? Are we also good at killing siblings?
  12. I'm thinking they'd mutate something like Ebola and rabies but mutate the Ebola to kill off the host at a much lower rate say like 2-3 months
  13. We create something in a movie, then we think it's going to happen OH COME ON :laughing: Aliens yes, but zombies, hell no guys hell no :D

    If it does happen though...

    I am ready :devious:

  14. I like that skunky.... Back to question I love zombie stuff but don't believe it could ever actually happen like that
  15. anyone else notice how the definition of zombie has changed?

    I mean it used to just be dead people clawing themselves out of the ground to attack the living. Now its all about viruses that make people go crazy and become zombies.
  16. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OQDMj2sZtNM]Shaun of the Dead best scene! (HD) - YouTube[/ame]

    Haha I love those two.
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    I remain a highly prepared non believer.
  18. Use search on GC and google before you make a thread like this lol been discussed so many times.

    Pure fact, It could happen(I am to lazy to explain how it could happen over 12 different ways actually you can look it up) but a zombie is dead flesh which would rot, Within a few months all zombies would be dead.

    EDIT: I see people have already brought the facts to us. Cracked is not the best but they are almost accurate.

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