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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by WizTheKhalifa, May 15, 2011.

  1. do you really taste different fladvors with weed cuz all weed tastes the same to me and they were all different strains. they all have that distinctive burnt weed taste and thats all and its all mad dank bud. sorryfor the grammer im high.
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    I could taste the difference
  3. I haven't smoked too many strains and the strains i did smoke didn't exactly have a name. I wasn't sure what kind they were and I have to agree to an extent. A lot of weed does taste the same but some I definitely can tell a sweet taste in my throat and others just hit so smoothly its beautiful.
  4. yea yea i taste a tiny difference but nothing crazy
  5. Use bee line, glass rod, vaporizer, herb iron any of those and you will COMPLETELY taste the difference
  6. Yes, it isn't a dramatic change in tatse; but it's definitely there.
  7. i taste it! its real small though. and how r u smoking it?
  8. joints/Bongs/Blunts/pipes
  9. Mehh. Depends on how you smoke it. Burning weed smells horrific. Vape has a slight distinct smell/taste to it. All strains are RELATIVELY the same, but I have had some mango tasting bud....
  10. u can taste it best when u use a vape but u should be able to taste a small difference in all them but the blunt. just make sure ur not getting ripped off though

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