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Flavoring weed with e-fluid

Discussion in 'Tokers Q&A' started by SortaStoner, Jul 19, 2013.

  1. I was wondering if I put my ecig fluid on my weed if it will flavor it. I was asking cause I know this stuff is meant to be vaped an could be unsafe to smoke. No, I will not test and report back in case that it is dangerous
  2. why? bud taste so delicious in natural form
  3. im literally lol'ing at this thread
  4. Ehh this stuff is dank but it has a gross after taste it's in a blunt not like a bowl lol
  5. Lol I'm high and the weed tasted gross and I had some spare efluid and it was a high thought lol
  6. lol just dont do it man trust me
  7. just get flavoured folling pappers
  8. efluid is concentrated nicotine.
    Shit will get you extremely sick.
    If it's just flavored liquid with no nicotine it's still a real bad idea.
    The liquid is made of glycerin so that definitely won't be healthy at all.  Something that needs to be vaped.
  9. Good look, I wasn't planning I doing it anyway but it was a thought that cross me since I don't smoke my ecig anymore and had all this e fluid laying arounh
  10. Glad you asked before doing so.  You would've have felt like total shit for a bit and maybe even got sick enough to puke.  Nicotine overdose is not fun at all.  Had a few experiences my self with overdoing it with patches.

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