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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by Brujah, Jul 25, 2003.

  1. i have heard it was possible to put extracts, IE vanilla, butter rum, strawberry, etc... into the soil of when the plant begins budding and it would cause the weed to absorb it. I dont see what it would hurt but i dont know what chemicals are harmful to marijuana plants and i figured i would ask.

    i would like to run strawberry kiwi flavoring into one, vanilla into another, and coconut into a third if this is possible. I am not talking about syrups, but actual extract flavoring. What do the experts think of this?
  2. you can add flavoring to a hydro grow during the last couple of weeks and it will flavor. You can emulsified fish fertilizer to your soil to give it a rotten seafood flavor. Or you can add flavoring during the final cure process. Lots of folks add some citrus peelings to the cure dry to give the bud a lemony, orangey, or limey tatste and smell.
  3. i thought it was possible too. Some guy posted his crop a little while back and he said he put vinilla extract in it and i dont recall it being grown hydrophonically. I cant find the link but im looking.
  4. i was thinking of putting some orange extract in for the last 3 weeks of flowering;)
  5. Most dealers put orange peels in cured to increase the weight of the buds.

    I know you can cut the plant for harvest and put it in water with some food coloring and change the color of the weed (like carnations) I bet you can do the same with vanala/mint choclate/rum extract but i would try a sample first.

    THC's meathod works, mint weed would be nice.. northern lights will be on my list for next years outdoor grow!
  6. so how will i be able to tell when my plant is in the last few weeks of flowering? when the hairs start to turn from white to brown or what?

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