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  1. is there some way to cure some mint plant and my mj to make the buds minty?
  2. Put some mint leaves in the jar when you're curing it. I'm not a curing genius or anything, but it sounds like it would work. At least it's natural, instead of something sprayed on them. The taste would probably be very light. I cured a plant in a humidor that was soaked in rum, I read an article on rum curing tobacco (which is done in an old rum barrel technically), anyway they turned out fine, and that's the weed that everyone loved the smell of. I'll admit even I REALLY like the smell of it, it's like being on the islands!! Well maybe not quite, but it's a close as I'll be getting to any tropical island this year!
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    I already know that I dont want to hear any shit from this - add some mint flavored alcohol based extract to your water an hour before you harvest. So 2 all of u that know everything - piss off.

    Peace to all. :)
  4. That works too. The original post said with a 'mint plant'. You can always go to the grocery store and get some flavour extract and add it to the water a few hours before you harvest it. Make sure the plant is good and thirsty, and use a lot of the extract in the water (it takes about half of a mccormick bottle to be noticeable). It takes a while for the water to go through the whole plant if it's sizable. I want to say a foot an hour, but that's probably wrong. Just give it a few hours to be sure. Anyway, there are lots of flavours available, I like orange and coconut at the moment. I don't do it to every plant, just the mediocre ones, but it is a lot of fun to do, and it makes you feel kind of cool to have minty pot ;)
  5. + rep 2 u Sexy - at last some one who has done it and not just a naysayer with no experience.

    I don't use this technique myself as a general rule but have tried it in the past and it has worked to an extent.

    Cheers to you and yours. :D
  6. thanks guys +rep to all
  7. The only time I think it's wrong is when people are selling it as something it's not. If you want to do it on your own plant, for yourself, there's nothing bad about it. I commend you for taking the time to experiment, but if you are doing it to knock up prices of your buds, and lying to people about what it actually is, that's just tired... That's one step away from spraying it with orange juice, or hair spray, or glass, just to add weight. And those fuckers have no right to live. Try to keep the attitude of the 60's toward cannabis, it's natural, and harmless, and better when you smoke it with your friends and the people you care about. If you want to be a shady dealer type douche, then sell crack or something, you'll make more money.
  8. haha word staci :D and im only trying this with one plant, so of course im not going to sell it. if it works haha if not 2.0 dubs all day :D
  9. Yeah, curing with mint should work. obviously i smoke weed...but i smoke cigs too (newports) and i once pre rolled about 5 joints for a road trip and stuck them in my pack of newports that was still half full. smoked the first joint out of that box about 2 hrs later...right when we hit the road:D...and after that short time, you could taste it. It was unintentional but it worked.
  10. YOU CANT DO THAT !!!!!! ohh wait this is about flavor ..not color...ummm yeah you can do that.

    A long time ago we used to use lemon peels inthe cure to give it a slight taste...just got to let the peels sit out over night before putting em the jars ..or they will mold, inside the curing jars.. We also had to change em ebout every other day, for the whole curing process.

    although if I were to do it like Puff.. I would probably make sure I get a good cure behind it, but thats just Me...sheesh my parents used to run a wholesale restraunt supply company.. I used to move gallons of alch. extracts a day.. Vanilla to Almond....hmm almond flavor bud...:smoking:..now I fell like I missed a great oppertunity...ohh well ..I supose there is always the grocery store ..;)

    and staci.... check into Pusser's Rum.. its from Tortolla..When I lived down there a person could buy a 2 gallon wooden cask. you would of course have to drink the rum first...but its good stuff. not sure if they sell em anymore.. or where ( besides the distillery, where we used to get em...but that was 15 years ago too..and we only got em for parties then, not Ganja curing..)..but it may be worth a look.
  11. this might sound a little ridiculous but hear me out :p
    ive witnessed my friend put used gum wrappers (juicy fruit) gum wrappers
    you know the foil part? inside the jar he was using and when they were
    ready to go not only did they take in the smell you could actully taste it.

    but since your goin for that mintyness you could give it a go with doublemint gum or even winterfresh if you want a cool minty taste

    hope i helped
  12. I would, but I don't drink, at all. So I would have it here for years unless I put it in another bottle or something. I used a cigar humidor (which is a fancy name for an oak box with a lock on it!) I had a bottle of Captain Morgan coconut rum here for months, I put a double shot in it, locked it and shook it up really good so it coated the whole inside of the box. I waited a few days, and did the same thing again. Then I cured it the same as any other plant, I left it in the box for about two weeks total, opening it everyday and arranging the buds, after the second week it went into locking glass jars. The smell is amazing, and there is a light hint of taste to it, not overpowering or gross, but soft and pleasant. I thought it was a lot of fun, and it worked out pretty well. I'll probably do it again when I get the itch:)
  13. Try to use some orange extract. Im currently experimenting with a blueberry pineapple extract cross, should be a nice dank smoke.

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