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  1. I was reading the other day and i read that there are ways to flavor the bud after harvest..For example:putting orange peels in with the bud while drying..

    Are there theorys trus and if so what are some of them..

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  2. theres one truth. Buy Better Bud!!! :smoking:
  3. tasty puff tobacco drops... u can find em on google... work great on bud... 400 drops a bottle.... very potent....
  4. you can hang your bud
    put some tabacco in a bowl
    and let it burn under your bud
    tastes so good after
    of cure it in mild alchol
  5. ^ Bad advice. To ensure maximum flavor, it's good to flush before harvest. Also, i think curing can make your bud's smell 100% better, While they are curing in a jar you could throw a orange peel in there or some fruity pebbles. I have yet to try that, but who knows
  6. THanks the fruit pebbles sound slike a tasty idea..

  7. There are several products you can use during flowering like sweet and bioboost that will improve taste and aroma
  8. Funny how things we learn in Elementary school we forget afterwards.

    I learned in Elementary school that if you use pure food-flavoring (usually liquor/sugar based) at the root of a plant, like peppermint or strawberry, about 20 minutes later the plant's leaves start 'sweating' the fragrance of whatever it was you used.

    I tried this with pot once. I had a Kush plant that was very harsh to begin with, but had a unique flavor. I added some vanilla to the cube, about 10 drops all around, and then poured a cup of warm water over the cube right afterwards. I cut the plant down about 45 minutes later and it smelled and tasted like Vanilla. Smoothed out the smoke too. It was a fun little experiment but I suppose you could do it throughout the entire flowering period if you wanted to, and it would make almost an entirely different-tasting strain. Just don't over-do it, as too much sugar will kill the plant pretty fast.

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