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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by Pitt, May 15, 2003.

  1. Anyone know any good technique to make Buds taste really good??

    Like Ive heard some people sprayin their buds on the last week of flowering with some diluted coca cola to make them taste really sweet....

    Ive also heard people use Mango concentrate syrup in a diluted water and mist them on the buds while flowering... anyone every heard of any of these techniques???


  2. Yea sure ur bud is gonna taste good after you spray it down with coca-cola... Thats if YOURGONNA EAT IT... Think about it. how would that make SMOKE taste good.. Smoke is what u get after u burn somthing, and sure it will have an aroma of the way the bud smells... But i have never tasted sweet smoke be 4... im sure the bud will SMELL GOOD, and make ur fingers tasty, but thats about it jack...
  3. never on the buds.....do not spray anything on the buds, it will increase chances of bud rott..........people have been known to add thing's but it is done during the vegging and flowering stages.....via the soil.........Peace out.........Sid
  4. Cool Cool....

    I was just wondering... cause Ive heard of things like that...

    so Sid... How would you go about adding "something" to the soil during vegation, to make the buds have a distinct taste?

    Is this possible...???

    Cause we all know different bud has different tastes.. I mean take that Blacberry x Blueberry.. That has a sweet taste to it..


  5. I have heard that some guanos make your buds taste fruity. Im growing with guano now but havnt harvested and dried yet, so I couldnt really confirm it. Makes sence to me?

  6. Let me know how that turns out for you, bud!!!


  7. Hey man...

    I do this with buds that I buy... I have a little tupperware container I line the bottom with a mix of Apple, Orange and Lemon peels... then I let them sit.... it makes the buds really really sticky... and makes them taste pretty distinct... like with an almost citrus taste to them...

    the downfall is they never dry.. there always sticky!!!


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