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Flavored weed?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by guitargod45, Jun 14, 2006.

  1. Someone jus tell me if this is a good idea to make money. alrite, i myself have never smoked, but i got some growin. but anyways when i harvest or w/e i was wonderin if i could find some way to flavor it. i came up with takin some oils or extracts like cinnamon, spearmint or w/e i can find and puttin that on n then if u smoked it, would it taste good like that stuff or wut? someone let me kno wut u think, or let me kno if it works or if this is a crap idea.
  2. If it was around, id give it a try. I wouldnt be to excited about it, i actually prefer the taste of normal buds to just about anything. =] good luck

    p.s. dont mention selling it
  3. Do you mean after harvest putting cinnamon on the buds? Not a good idea sugar and stuff like that isnt to pleasant to be smoked and would make it taste nasty and not good at all...

    I say just leave the buds the way they are....why ruin something that already tastes amazing
  4. if you want flavored weed, find one of those flavored blunt wraps. just the regular old taste of mary is what i like. sometimes you might buy weed that tastes like fabric softener or something, thats usually from people using smelly shit to cover up weed's odor. so i guess, you could replace a box of fabric softener with a box of ground cinnamon and it might work...?

  5. im not sayin put ground cinnamon on it or w/e, im sayin take cinnamon extract, its an oil u can pick up in like the cookin section in walmart or places like that, and jus put a lil bit of that stuff on it. its jus a new idea to bring to a seasoned smoker
  6. nah that wont work cuz he extract is only one ingredeient jus save the time and grow some relle good shit or get exotics^^
  7. most people who smoke like the taste of bud by itself and adding flavors seems fishy if you are growing good weed it will sell itself there is no need to mess with it
  8. nobody would buy that shit
  9. My friends in New York smoke flavored weed. They say it's sick. I have no personal experience with it so I can't say much. I could see this being interesting if you pulled it off right.
  10. If i was you i would try it
    and be the first one to experience it
    but not like ALL your harvest
  11. I would not buy it, I mean if I need some kinda flavor I can get tasty puff from the head shop, but I like my bud the way it is, so I would rather have some bud flavored bud please. :D JOE>
  12. and not just once?
  13. i bought some peach flavored weed off this one dude a while back
    it was pretty good
    but he charged way to much for it
    so if ur gonna flavor it and then sell it dont overcharge it
  14. Why would you want to put flavor on it anyways? Are u smoking stress or just mids? My advice is find some shit that is just tasty w/o putting all of that other crap on there. Im sure you could find a couple of dumb kids that would want to try that but why waste your weed like that.
  15. i would never do it to my buds, but i heard there are drops that you can drip on ur buds and it will flavor them... i *think* i saw them in a recent (or not so recent) high times mag .
  16. They have these little eye dropped sized bottles you can get and they come in different flavours. You put a couple drops on a bowl and that's what it then tastes like...
  17. Pour fruit punch in your bong.:D
  18. Did somebody say Blueberry strain? If you havn't had it, you're missing out! I've only had the pleasure of having it once, went to an old hookup of mine, some hippie dude, he happened to have some blueberry on him. As soon as I smelt some of it, I knew I had to grab it. Only had fourty bucks on me, so I just grabbed an eigth, oh how I wish I would of had more money! I would of froze most of it and smoked bits of it on special occassions, that's how good it was.

    It wasn't even the high that made it so special, simply the aroma. It would overwhelm your senses when you smoked it; you'd have the intense blueberry taste, and you'd have smoke coming from the bowl enter your nostrils and enhance the already strong smell of blueberry that comes just from the bud itself.

    Well, I did have some Blueberry a couple months ago, but it was crossed with White Rhino, and while it still retained a faint bit of the Blueberry smell, it lost the taste. Still quite quality stuff of course, but not like pure Blueberry!

    This next bong rip in a toast to Blueberry!
  19. yep
    blueberries are epic.
    personally they are not my favorite,
    but Im guessin ive been over exposed to them,
    (a friend of mine has a plant)
  20. ive done that before. i put koolaid in my bong and it was freakin awsome. only prob is it sort of stained the inside of the chamber.

    and blueberry is awsome. i smoked a j i bought off some kid for for 2 bucks. i was really baffeled as to why anyone would sell a .9g joint for 2 bucks. but hey 2 washingtons and i was STONED! it seemed like legit blueberry.

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